Wow, thanks for stopping here  to check me out!
I'm Kate. I'm a college student. I love books more than people sometimes. They are the best refuge from reality. They can never let you down (unless it's a really crappy book which in my experience has only happened two or three times). Don't tell this to anyone; but sometimes I won't read something from my curriculum because I'm in the midst of reading a novel... or three!
My favorite place on Earth is Hyde Park in London (background picture is from there).
I read according to my cravings not with a program.
Apart from reading, I love taking photos and surf the net for any unusual occurrences or news. I'm a dedicated lazy person most of the time. I like to say I'm smart but I'm not really.

You can ask me to read your book but that doesn't mean I'll do it; if you have more spelling errors than words then don't expect much. Unless you have the coolest story on Earth... I prefer to read finished stories because I'm curious by nature and that means I want to get to the story's bottom pronto.
Book recommendations are welcome.
Drop me a line anytime :)
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    If you guess correctly, you win a lollipop :P:D
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katherinecassie katherinecassie Feb 03, 2013 04:29PM
@gizinks you're welcome! I am reading A prohibited love and hadn't realized you wrote Morcroft hall! Both are amazing!!
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