My name is Alli :)  If anyone is interested, they can follow me on twitter: allisonjayw

I'm a college student who shudders annually when tuition is raised.

Spent last spring studying in Ireland, the land of the redheads, and I've been having separation anxiety from the motherland.

After years of tears, sweat, and blood, I have mastered the winged eyeliner.

I'm a tumblr addict.

I'm training myself to become a henna artist.

I spend my days wrangling kindergartners like a cowgirl on the range.

One of my goals in life is to achieve hibernation.

The sheer amount of pasta I can consume in one sitting is astounding.

One of my happiest moments was chilling in a bar with the band Alesana with Jordan.

I've been known to just put real clothes on over my pajamas and attend class.

My doodling game is strong.

My eyebrow game...not so much.
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flashbacktomorrow flashbacktomorrow Apr 20, 2015 02:25AM
So, I'm sort of back. College is getting very intense though, so it's unlikely I'll be consistent. Anyway, I've had an idea for something rattling around in my head awhile and decided to give it a tr...
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