Hey Directioners and other people of the world!

For starters, if you are reading this that probably means that you fanned me, so thank you!!!

Let me tell you about my stories:

Some of them were written longer ago. I think that my writing got better as I grew up, and still is getting better as I keep growing up. So if you decided to start with one of the books that I wrote a while ago like the original Kidnapped or I'll Take Care of You, don't assume that all of my stories are like that. Kidnapped is so much fun to write and when me and one of my best friends @MrsPayne124xx started to write it we didn't think we were actually gonna post it anywhere, it was just for fun. I think that in Kidnapped 2 our writing starts to get better, so give it a chance!

I write mainly fan fictions with one direction in them. I try to make them vary. Like one will be a Zayn, one will be a Liam, ect. My favorite story that I have so far is He Saved Me. It's not done yet, still a work in progress, but I think that it's the best-written and has the best plot, so check that out!

Some things about me:
-I'm a competitive cheerleader
-I love music (Mayday Parade, Parachute, SecondHand, bands like that)
-Teen Wolf kicks ass to any other mythological show
-Books are probably better than TV in my mind
-I have no fucking idea what I want to do with my life, and im okay with it
-Words are incredible
-Logan Lerman and Riley Mcdonough are gods
-Harry's my future husband
-Everything else you don't needa know lady



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Hellllooo lovelies!
      I know I've been MIA the past ...um...year? a loong time. but anyway, I realized i missed this place and i want back in. i started a new story called New Selection, and it's base...
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Kidnapped Two

Social data: 57.2K reads. 1K votes. 154 comments.

Description: This is the sequel to Kidnapped. We reached the chapter limit on Kidnapped, so the story will be continued in this book! Enjoy!xx


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List