> Be the hacker

Augh, stop threatening me in leet-speak!!

> I mean the "haxx0r"

Jeeeeeez, you're cold...


Your name is ATRIAN FRIVOL.

You're a rare creature of a troll they call a RAINBOW DRINKER. How'd you become one? Well, that's a LONG STORY that you'll tell some other day. You have a rather UNUSUAL HISTORY, what with being a mutant. Your blood color is one so DIFFERENT, you've not even been considered to be a part of the HEMOSPECTRUM. However, when inquired about the color of your blood, you can't bring yourself to tell. Due to your shame of being born a mutant, you REFUSE TO TELL YOUR BLOOD COLOR.

You're a very INTROVERTED troll. You have taken up COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and are quite advanced at it, being able to dabble in ASSEMBLY, as well as many forms of BASIC. Because you've surrounded yourself in books of instructions and many many hours spent in your hive envelopped in LOGIC AND INSTRUCTIONS, you've lost the ability to recognize COMMON EMOTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS. You've not lost your HOT-HEADED NATURE, however. What a shame... It would've been nice if you'd at least done away with that. Your obsession with LOGIC and INSTRUCTIONS has become so severe that it has been considered FETISHISTIC.

Your most prized possession is your SWORD OF ULTIMATE SORCERY which you won from an old ATARI CONTEST from Jegus knows how long ago. Your hive is littered with old consoles from as far back as the PONG era. Many of them don't work, as you've dismantled a great many of them to inspect their insides. You've built PROTOTYPES OF HYBRED CONSOLES, like the NINTARI 2678, which is a mix of an NES, an ATARI 2600, and an ATARI 7800. It's not in the greatest of conditions, but you like to think it's perfect. Also, don't even bring up all the old cartridges and useless SEGA GENESIS ADD-ONS. You'd rather not talk about that...

Your trolltag is bitmappedHaxxor and y0|_| |-|/\\/3 /\ 1337 /\<<3|\|+ (you have a leet accent).

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Story by 4tr14n & Davva1 Fr1v0l
Those Who Bleed Shadows: Legend of the Black-Blood Twins by bitmappedHaxxor
Those Who Bleed Shadows: Legend of...
A great mass of darkness haunts Sollux, and he soon learns of the infamous Black-Blood Twins.
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