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Hej, everyone~! *smiles* I am Lecia Bondevik, proud female counterpart to the personification of Denmark! You can call me Lecia or Den. It's wonderful to meet ya~

I'm married to and have a son and a daughter with @NorwegianPrince :D Love ya, hun~ ;)

That's enough out of me. I'll be seein' ya! *waves*

U-Um, hej.. I a-am Lecia's 2p, Lillian Kirkland-Jones. *waves and smiles shyly* I'm n-not as s-social as my 1p, b-but I will t-talk to you if you w-would like.

I'm m-married to Nick a-and have a l-little girl named Adelita w-with him. ( @The_Many_Countries)

A-Anyway, that's m-me. Bye~

Hello there~ *bows* I am James Murdoc, the humble personification of the kingdom of Heaven. It is an honor to meet you.

I am currently single.

I must be off now. Good bye. *smiles warmly*

Hey! I'm Elijah Murdoc, but you can call me Eli! I'm the personification of Purgatory!

Some call me hyper and cute. Den insists that I'm bipolar. I might be, but I dunno. I prefer cute.

Meine Liebe ist @FormerUnion~ Ich liebe dich, Vassie! ^3^ ~♥

Tschau, meine Freunde!

Hello, humans! I am Lucifer Judas Murdoc, demonic ruler and personification of Hell!

Do I need to say it? Fine.... Piss me off, and you WILL burn. But, I'm unusually friendly most of the time. Ah, charades~ *smiles*

I'm married to and have three kids with Tyanne. @Madeforpandabears

I'll see you in Hell~! *waves*


2ollux rp account / Other "main" account - @OldFashionedVillain
Homestuck RP account (Asylla) - @snakeskinDeath
Other Homestuck RP account (Atrian) - @bitmappedHaxxor


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Moirail(s) ♦ - @Madeforpandabears, @FormerUnion, @Kipzheartbreaker
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