> Be the snake girl

Oh no, not her...

> Let's just get this over with...

Fine. Jegus...

Your name is ASYLLA WEIL.

You are well aware and proud that your name BREAKS THE NAME RULE. Such a strange girl... You are an ANARCHIST by nature and think that RULES are pointless. However, because of this, your chances at being a LEGILACERATOR are totally out of the question. You have no interest in the HEMOSPECTRUM, or obey it BACKWARDS. You think it's just another set of RULES you can't stand.

You've been called CRAZY by a great number of other trolls, and you most likely deserve this title. You take a great interest in GERMAN ROCK BANDS, such as RAMMSTEIN and EISBRECHER. You also keep an insane amount of SNAKES as pets.

Your trolltag is snakeskinDeath and you t@lk w!th @ sssl!ght h!sss.

What will you do now, crazy girl?

> [S] Asylla: Listen to Eisbrecher

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