TT: Hey y'all.
TT: D Strider here.
TT: Jake said this site was "spectacular" so I'm here to test it out.
TT: If you want to talk just shoot me a private message.

((Hey! Admin here! I thought I would just say hello and thanks for checking out our page. Well hope you enjoy! Later!))

Homestuck Ships:

Jadesprit X Davesprit
Equius x Feferi
Nepeta x Terezi
Vriska x Tavros
Gamzee x Lil Cal
Jade x Karkat
Eridan x Jake
Dirk x Jane
Roxy x Calliope
Really drunk Roxy x anything
Kanaya x Rose
Sollux x Aradia
John x Dave
Mituna x Latula x Kankri
Kurloz x Meulin
Rufioh x Damara
Aranea x Meenah
Horrus x Cronus
Porrim x everyone

Hetalia Ships:

America X England
England X Japan
France X England
Germany X Italy
Greece X Japan
Holy Roman Empire X Chibitalia
Norway X Iceland
Poland X Lithuania
Prussia X Hungary
Russia X America
Russia X China
Spain X Romano
Sweden X Finland
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texanTechno texanTechno Sep 20, 2014 12:49AM
Hey guys I'm finally going to get around to finishing Suddenly Alternia Stuck and try to update it as much as possible.
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Suddenly Alternia Stuck by texanTechno
Suddenly Alternia Stuck
On Wade Eirlys' thirteenth birthday he is transported for his home to the strange world of Alternia. Will he...
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