Heey :)

The names Emily :) My friends call me Hub, but I am currently rebelling against it without them knowing.
I have decided to try a career in the medical field, specifically Biomedical Engineering, but I have yet to narrow that down even more.
I have a random list of things that I love: color, keys, owls, wolves, gears, the zodiac, and compasses. I just love them all, but am currently obsessing over compasses..
My boyfriend is the love of my life <3
I like to have an edgy appearance. Girly things aren't my thing.
Bioshock all the way, man.

And of course the most important thing: I love to write. Science fiction and fantasy are my main genres, but I will occasionally dip my toe into the romance pool. I'm currently rewriting my story Hologram as well, so any feedback on the new version would be really great :)

Ciao :)
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@MusicLover1996 Thank you :)
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Hologram (rewrite)

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Description: Imagine a perfect world. The grass would always be green, regardless of the season. The sun would always feel warm, even on the coldest of days. The people would always be happy, their face always with a smile...


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