I'm 22 years young, and a  I'm pretty much a plain jane with OCD. I have curly brown/black hair, that seems to be getting darker and darker as the years go by. I was used to being an average 5'4" and now after a few years i'm proud to say i am tall lol i'm 5'7" whew! thats what you call a growth spurt. I'm a serious busy body and...in LOVE with my hubby! Well I'm here to transfer all my work from Quizilla to a new more modern site, trying to escape all the glitches and problems from the old site. I even kept my username. I usually do for any site im on....i don't know why though lol.
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X0starstruckgurlX0 X0starstruckgurlX0 Apr 23, 2015 06:41AM
@Twilightloverforevs I've thought about it! :) originally I had three separate ideas for a Jacob love story and I had a vote of whether the readers wanted a "surprise" mythical creature/werewolf love...
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Uncompatible Love*Jacob Black Love Story*

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Description: Edward Cullen has 2 adopted sisters and 2 adopted brothers, along with an adoptive mother and father. Violette Elizabeth Mason Cullen, a phenomenon all on her own is plagued with being a freak amongst freaks...


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