Hello, hello (:

- I go by Melea and I love it.
- I love cats a lot. I'm kind of a crazy cat lady.
- I really want to get a ferret.
- I am currently at University studying
- I love to write and read
- I always want people to enjoy my stories and would love to have more people reading them. Hopefully one day right?
- I love calla lilies
- My beta fishes name is Giraffe
- I'm kind of crazy
- I'm sadly, really sarcastic
- I like coffee and tea(:
- I really have no cool facts about me
- Please don't hesitate to comment on any works or my profile. I love to talk to people

The End.
Have a beautiful day<3
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    Jul 05, 2011 10:36PM
MeleaLove MeleaLove Apr 12, 2012 09:13PM
            D'aww. Well thanks, love! I'm just sayin' you're a super duper cool person(:
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