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What do Wander Over Yonder fans call themselves?

ADHD, SPD, possibly RSD, and possibly asbergers. Yeah, my brain's fucked up.

Name: Bell@ Rain (You not getting my last name no siree)
Age n Birthday: 14, June 11
Zodiac: Gemini!! ♊
Gravity Falls ❤Stan❤ FiddAuthor * Trans!Dipper, Gay!Ace!Ford, Bisexual!Fiddleford
Wander Over Yonder ❤No one yet❤ Skeleton Dance * Pansexual!Wander
SvTFoE ❤No one❤ Starco as my OTP, but other ships are cute too * Bigender/nonbinary!Marco
Gender: Bigender
Sexuality: Demibiromantic, demiheterosexual
Hobbies: Haha what do you think I obviously have no life since I'm on Wattpad
Pets: A cat named Happy, and a Chihuahua named Sidney

My main OC: (I'm not gonna do the like/dislike things because I never know what to put) (This is the genetic version, some things will differ depending on the universe)
Name: Bella (Bello) Rain McCreary
Gender: Bigender
Zodiac: Gemini
Friends: Fiddleford, Stan, Ford
Enemies: Buddy, Bill Cipher
Significant other: Stan
Favorite word: Fuck
Hobbies: Reading, writing, fangirling, Instagram

Relativity Falls, Mystery Team kids:
Christine Stanley Pines
Stan and Bella's transgender daughter
Born May 13, 2028 (Taurus)

Lee Martin Pines
Stan and Bella's son
Born October 28, 2032 (Scorpio)

Oxford Hydrogen Pines
Fiddleford and Ford's son
Born June 1, 2034 (Gemini)
Six fingers

This AU is based around the idea that Bella met Stan before he came to Gravity Falls and was still living in his car. AKA, the 'mullet years' of his life. They meet in California about six years after Stan got kicked out, and once he has to leave the state, Bella comes with him.
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