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First off, I am dyslexic, so some spelling and grammar errors will be in my books, but I try my best. I love reading and writing. I decided a long time ago not to let my disability stop me. I just have difficulty reading and spelling and grammar, but I'm working on it. I have an app that helps. I just love to write stories, oviously, and I feel I'm just a little obsessed with writing, but in a good way, I seem to be always writing something. I fell in love with the magic of writing when I was 14, but I've always made up stories as long as I can remember. I Fell in love with the magic of writing on one stormy night when an idea suddenly came to me, so I wrote it down and I found myself unable to stop. I love it, it's a part of who I am, it's the very air I breath. I firmly believe that stories can take you to a whole another world, they can carry you to the world of stories by just words alone, by just one sentence you can find yourself lost, lost in the world of stories, and let It be fanfiction or a novel, it simply doesn't matter, whatever kind of story it is one can simply get lost in the world of stories. Writers can carry you anywhere, writers can bring you into their world, into their minds, by words alone. A story can easily make one forget about their worldly troubles, even if for a little while, as if it itself was magic, four writers can carry one by words alone as softly as a summer breeze, just as gentle as a dream, and I say why not let them cast their spell?


Web Of Fate series: 6 books completed. Rewriting.

Seventh Warlock: Being rewritten.

The Enchanted Ones: Book 1 Completed.

Bloodthorne: Book 2 Completed.


The link to my FictionPress. https://www.fictionpress.com/u/1122948/Fall-Storm

The link to my fanfiction. https://www.fanfiction.net/u/11104181/Fullshadow.
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