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"What the shit is this thing..."
"Who are you?"
Call me Dango.
"Like, the mochis on a stick?"
Not mochis, but ok-
"Hm... and... screw it, why not... pronouns?"
I go by she/they pronouns :3
"Soo- demigirl."
Yep! Most people use "she/her" instead however, and I am ok with that. You don't have to make a conscious effort to use both.
"Huh. Sexuality? Since this is all public anyway?"
I am bisexual!
"Oh. I was expecting something much longer. Romantic attractions?"
"Do we need this information on here?"
"No clue...nationality?"
"Uh, what fandoms are you in?"
I am in Countryhumans-
"No, stop. If you must keep going, let me get headphones so my ears don't bleed. Scott, you continue while I'm gone."
"Yes sir!"
So... Countryhumans, a little bit of My Hero Academia, if you talk to me about The Promised Neverland, I'll understand you, Studio Ghibli, other animes that have an actual plot... I dabble in the EAS alarms fandom-
"You are one interesting creature, Dango..."
By interesting, do you mean acoustic?
"I'll let you figure that out on your own :)"
"I'm back!"
"Sir, she's finished her list."
"Sooo, other things about you, before we have to tranq you for investigation?"
I love this person: @Butter_TheBest <33
I use a lot of emoticons. I like physical affection. If I give you a hug, it does not have to be a romantic gesture. I will do my best to respect everybody, unless they are a gross person. I also like talking about controversial things, but I will respect your opinions, even if I may respectfully debate them. I also am very smart on all the wrong things, so you can ask me a question about anything and I can give an answer.
"What's the meaning of life?"
The meaning of life?
The meaning of life is to ####-and-###life###
"Y- ir!"
*Recording failed. 02:47*
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