Damara here, just a spark trying to make it here in a cold(ish) world. I've been a Wattpad Veteran for a long time now, and even before this account. Fanfiction used to be my strongsuit, but I mostly use Ocs just for Roleplay or non-fandom Ocs to aid in story help. I write short stories and poems, all which I  will moderately upload to here! I also sketch and draw a bit, and even if I'm not the best, I'm proud and want improvement. I will also upload older art from Deviantart and my sketchbook, as well as new(er) art. Just to warn anyone who visits, I am highly NSFW in stories/poems that will have the tag,but will put in descriptions summaries of what they entail. I am in a multitude of fandoms (too lazy to list) so if you want to discuss anything about that or just pop in, slide into my Dm's or comment on my page. Thanks to those who have still followed my years-dead page, and hopefully will stick around for the improvement. 
Here's also a shout out to my Matesprit, who is just amazing!
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Stories by Damara
Unnamed Sonnet {COMPLETED} by AlphaLaureate24
Unnamed Sonnet {COMPLETED}
Sonnet made in December 2017
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Dry Lands {COMPLETED} by AlphaLaureate24
A poem of mine made December 2017.
Dying Embers {COMPLETED} by AlphaLaureate24
Dying Embers {COMPLETED}
Cover does not belong to me. Found at: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/60/4c/d9/604cd9037178cd1d0d479c8d52528b...
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