I've been writing for a while now, and I'm much more confident than I was originally when I created this account a little over three years ago. And that's mostly due to all the positive feedback I receive from votes and comments. Thank you all so much, I appreciate it when I see that one or more of my stories has received some love with another reader or a vote. 
Updates and more material coming soon I promise! I just finished my first year of college and have more time on my hands now so I will upload updates for the stories that I am more invested in first. Thank you all for sticking by me and for the new fans that are just coming in - thanks for following!
- xx Ali

(Link to my tumblr in case you want to follow - but don't feel inclined to do so:
http://thewickedinstruments.tumblr.com )
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The Whitethorns (A ToG Fanfic)

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Description: This fic is actually an entry into a fanfiction battle with my friends on tumblr, so though the first chapter is the entry, I may be continuing the story from here :) if you'd like to check out the other stories for the battle (my friends wrote amaz...

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Rowaelin in Adarlan

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A Rowaelin Fan Fiction

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AliAngel21 commented on Rowaelin in Adarlan - Part 1

Aww thank you so much :) we are not sure right now how often we will update but it doesn't seem to take us very long to actually write it (this first part took about 3 days because we are all in different times zones). I'm hoping that the next part will be up sometime next week? Not sure if you saw in tumblr, but we're also taking part in a fanfiction battle so we'll be writing that too. I'm glad you liked it though! Thank you!!