Camino al Desastre by Btalkrajo
Camino al Desastreby Strauss
Y si en otro universo, ellos se hubieran encontrado primero. Camino al desastre es el camino inevitable de dos personas qué, siempre llegarían al mismo punto sin importa...
  • nakamura
  • yaoifanfic
  • yokozawa
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Words Can't Describe How Much I Love You {Sekaiichi Hatsukoi} by GucciSeagulls
Words Can't Describe How Much I Lo...by Evee
Onodera is beginning to feel that Takano is getting "tired" of him. Being too shy and nervous to admit his love for him only leads him to worse. Onodera keeps...
  • sekaiichi
  • takano
  • kisa
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I Need You (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Takano Masamune x Onodera Ritsu boyxboy) by Karushii
I Need You (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Tak...by karushii
After a reunion with his first love, Onodera Ritsu finds himself falling in love with Takano Masamune once again. He'd been feeling uneasy until he discovered something...
  • sekaiichi
  • shounenai
  • takano
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Sekaiichi Highschool  by fanfictionlegacy
Sekaiichi Highschool by fanfictionlegacy
A fanfiction about how the Sekaiichi couples began dating in high school. Yokozawa always avoided Kirishima in high school, because Kirishima was too loud in his opinion...
  • kirishimazen
  • sekaiich
  • yokozawa
Love Is Messy by Cawcrofters
Love Is Messyby Cawcrofters
[Yaoi]-[Yokozawa Takafumi X Kirishima Zen]-[Sekao Ichi Hatsukoi]-[Yokozawa Takafumi No Baai] Summary: Yokozawa goes to visit his parents house before New Year's and they...
  • yokozawa
  • yaoi
  • yokozawatakafuminobaai
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Dulce alianza by Poniogp
Dulce alianzaby Poniogp
La unión hace la fuerza, Onodera y Yokozawa
  • onodera
  • takano
  • yokozawa
Trifecta Oneshots by FallingStarHearts
Trifecta Oneshotsby The Quirky Fujoshi
Trifecta oneshots! Featuring Zen Kirishima and Takafumi Yokozawa. As many as I can write.
  • hiyorikirishima
  • sekaiichi
  • zen
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Sekaiichi Private School  by YokoshimaYaoi
Sekaiichi Private School by YokoshimaYaoi
Yokozawa gets sent to a private school after getting caught drinking. Yokozawa thinks the school is crap as soon as he steps foot on the campus, but is completely baffle...
  • yokozawatakafumi
  • yokozawa
  • bxb
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Una Pésima Broma by Di-San
Una Pésima Bromaby Di-San
En un mundo donde algunos hombres tienen la capacidad de engendrar y embarazarse y traer vida al mundo, los sentimientos son lo más importante. Por eso, el amor innegabl...
  • embarazo
  • takaritsu
  • takano
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Yokozawa Takafumi no baai fanfiction by miakataka1999
Yokozawa Takafumi no baai fanficti...by miakataka1999
This is going to be the story of kirishima and yokozawa 's married life and how they will get through the struggles that threaten their love story .. I DO NOT OWN SEKAII...
  • hiyori
  • yokozawa
  • takafumi
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Pure First Love by BestOfFujoshis
Pure First Loveby BestOfFujoshis
What if the Sekaiichi couple's were put in the situations of the junjou characters? What if Ritsu wanted to be a literature professor? Or how about if Yukina was an art...
  • kisa
  • hiyori
  • hatori
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More Than I Should {Takano x Ritsu} by Mark_Tuan_lover4
More Than I Should {Takano x Ritsu}by Mark_Tuan_lover4
I walked down the sidewalk, thinking on the previous conversation. Is it true that Takano and him are.... I shook my head to clear it, I don't care who Takano's going o...
  • seiichi
  • masamune
  • kisa
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Regalo by CyanidePill
Regaloby Doggo Friend
Kirishima esta molesto porque Yokozawa acepto un regalo de Takano ¿cómo contendrá la furia de su novio el oso gruñón de Marukawa?
  • kirishima
  • viñeta
  • yokozawa
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