Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Texting by TrueSelfTalking
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Textingby TrueSelfTalking
Basically the daily text messages of Onodera and Takano, mainly because they're my favorite couple! Hope you enjoy <3
  • ichi
  • takano
  • text
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Love In One World (Junjou Romantica & Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) by Devil9Master
Love In One World (Junjou Romantic...by THE DEVIL
One day, Misaki followed Usagi to the office and saw a young man. He looks a bit like him. He thought it was just his imagination and continued to find Usagi. When he f...
  • boyxboy
  • fanfiction
  • comedy
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Words Can't Describe How Much I Love You {Sekaiichi Hatsukoi} by GucciSeagulls
Words Can't Describe How Much I Lo...by Evee
Onodera is beginning to feel that Takano is getting "tired" of him. Being too shy and nervous to admit his love for him only leads him to worse. Onodera keeps...
  • yokozawa
  • hatori
  • sekaiichi
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Triple The Fun by FreestyleFujoshi
Triple The Funby ✧Trash Chan✧
What would happen if one morning Takano woke up and found an Adult Ritsu,Teen Ritsu and A Kid Ritsu cuddling him?
  • oda
  • teenritsu
  • takano
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From a Distance (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) by 5huu53t5u
From a Distance (Sekaiichi Hatsuko...by Shuusetsu
Keeping a stalker is convenient. It just means an extra wallet, a servant and a laughtrip in one. Saga Masamune had enjoyed these three. However, with just one careless...
  • shuusetsu
  • sad
  • takano
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«¿Un destino o un compromiso ?»|sekaiichi hatsukoi| • TERMINADO • by Yuki_Han_26
«¿Un destino o un compromiso ?»|se...by tae tae~❤
onodera Ritsu un chico frágil y sobre todo alegre delante de todos, por culpa de su padre quien huyo dejándolos con sus deudas ,su madre tuvo la obligación de comprome...
  • takano
  • hatsukoi
  • sekaiichihatsukoi
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Timido (T/n x Kota Shinohara) by Yukkimei
Timido (T/n x Kota Shinohara)by Mei
Digamos que eres la hermana de Kaho Nikaido y llevan sin verses muchos años así que te logras comunicarte con ella, después de unos meses te mudas con ella y logras hace...
  • detodo
  • oc
  • romace
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My Maids - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Ukes x Master Male! reader by PharaohJill
My Maids - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Ukes...by SpunkyJill
The Ukes from Sekaiichi-Hatsukoi are x Master! Male reader! All Ukes get jealous of each other because they all want your attention for themselves. How will this turn o...
  • ukes
  • maids
  • male
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Presagios del pasado (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi/Hybrid Child) by IsilethTrejo
Presagios del pasado (Sekaiichi Ha...by Isis Master
Tras un accidente automovilistico Masamune tiene un extraño sueño, en el cual se ve a si mismo en otra época, lo cual resulta ser un vistaso a una vida pasada, a su vez...
  • onodera
  • yaoifanfic
  • tsukishima
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Our Love Story by NDLAckerman
Our Love Storyby NDLAckerman
Just a Slice - Of - Life story on how Onodera Ritsu develops his deepening relationship with Takano Masamune :3 It's all happy ^_^
  • yaoi
  • love
  • hatsukoi
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Charlotte (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi x Junjou Romantica FanFic) by Sugar_Yams
Charlotte (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi x Ju...by Sugar_Yams
Some humans have special power, some don't notice them, some ignore them, some use them wise and some use them for bad things. Marukawa Shoten is special workplace for...
  • ijuuinxyuu
  • powers
  • junjouromantica
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Right Through Me  by Shontia365
Right Through Me by Shontia Alizee Thomas
Okay, so before we begin, I'd like to point out that this story is about Domestic Violence. I wanted to make a story that was serious, but at the same time fun and funny...
  • kisa
  • chiaki
  • romance
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Amame (Takaritsu) by AndreaUsami
Amame (Takaritsu)by Andrea Usami
¿como se senti oda cuando iba detras de masamune? ¿como soñaba en ese entonces? ¿como se imaginaba su vida con el amor de su vida? ¿cambiaron sus expectativas cuando emp...
  • sekaiichi
  • ritsu
  • takanomasamune
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ʜᴀᴛsᴜᴋᴏɪ ⚣ VMIN  by JETJEONGGUK
ʜᴀᴛsᴜᴋᴏɪ ⚣ VMIN by »»———- ♡ ———-««
  • vmin
  • bts
  • fanfiction
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Two Worlds, One World by Yaoi_Demon
Two Worlds, One Worldby Yaoi_Demon
One day, Misaki followed Usagi to the office and saw a young man. He looks a bit like him. He thought it was just his imagination and continued to find Usagi. When he f...
  • hatsukoi
  • boyxboy
  • junjou
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Mi linda muñeca (Takaritsu) by AndreaUsami
Mi linda muñeca (Takaritsu)by Andrea Usami
ritsu, Un chico bastante afeminado con cara de angel y mente de demonio que se la pasa viviendo de las ganas que deja a los hombres por su forma de actuar y vestirse. Un...
  • hatsukoi
  • onoderaritsu
  • mamadaslocas
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Trifecta Oneshots by FallingStarHearts
Trifecta Oneshotsby The Quirky Fujoshi
Trifecta oneshots! Featuring Zen Kirishima and Takafumi Yokozawa. As many as I can write.
  • oneshotcollection
  • kirishima
  • trifecta
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That day . (Takano x Ritsu ) by tatsun2
That day . (Takano x Ritsu )by L.Y.Y
A car accident that make him change so much compared to ten years ago . He wasn't the cute , cheerful , naive young boy that Takano masamune had known anymore . Just bec...
  • love
  • boys
  • sekaiichi
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My Vampire by April952
My Vampireby April Delgado
One Night, Onodera Ritsu finds an injured man outside his family's Church. Out of pure kindness, Ritsu helps him. However, he soon learns that this man would change his...
  • sekai
  • boyxboy
  • hatsukoi
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