He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
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The Boy at My Window by Avery9902
The Boy at My Window by Avery Thompson
A pair of sky blue eyes looked back at me. Matthew. He tapped again. I got up and pulled open my window. "What are you doing here?" I asked timidly. Even tho...
  • meangirl
  • unexpectedlove
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12 Weeks, 12 Dates by bookbuddy
12 Weeks, 12 Dates by bookbuddy
Meet Piper Hollows. She doesn't like to go out if she has the choice not to. She has things to do and is perfectly fine being in her room on Saturday nights, with her hu...
  • warrior
  • watch
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My Brother's Worst Enemy by kmarias
My Brother's Worst Enemy by kmarias
Karla Pride is a plain seventeen yr old girl with an average life. Her brother Chris andhis best friend Jason are the "IT" boys at their high school and Karla...
  • window
  • brother
  • breakfast
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Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by Jen
Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World...
  • pain
  • fourteen
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Memory Documentation [continuing soon i promise] by treblehearts
Memory Documentation [continuing s... by jess
From a rough past to a sheltered present, Darcy Howard is content spending most of her time within the walls of her father's café. She sees nothing wrong with the way sh...
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  • newyork
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My sexy babysitter by miss_imperfection_
My sexy babysitter by miss_imperfection_
Lilly is your typical bad ass girl, but the only difference is she does it in a secretive way. Her mother thinks she's the perfect little girl that doesn't curse or get...
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My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book... by Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
  • taken
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I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Bagans Romance) by SabrinaMayy
I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Bag... by Sabrina !
Marilyn Anderson always lived in fear of the paranormal. Since she was little, evil things have not only haunted her - but her family. And It didn't help that her mother...
  • hot
  • ghost
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 NUDE  by pornchanyeol
NUDE by ー
ヌード ❝ sei proprio una monella... ❞ - dove Taehyung spia la sua vicina di casa dalla finestra di camera sua - [ Taehyung + Jungkook ] BTS。 @pornchanyeol ON GOING
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The Window [H.S] by bbygirlxo
The Window [H.S] by - k
he lusted over the girl on the other side of the window
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  • blackmail
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The Romeo and Juliet Effect by bluebird0904
The Romeo and Juliet Effect by bea
an unrequited love story based off one of Shakespeare's greatest works.
  • romeoandjuliet
  • romance
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Insolence (A Black Butler Fanfic) by strawberry_lemonadee
Insolence (A Black Butler Fanfic) by Matti
Evangeline Rose Smith is a rude, stubborn, and tomboyish girl that Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis have agreed to take in and turn into a lady. However, as soon...
  • ciel
  • sebastian
  • fudge
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Open Your Eyes by beanling
Open Your Eyes by sarah
The mundane story of an arty promiscuous boy and a daisy loving law girl who own opposite windows and talk occasionally.
  • window
  • openyoureyes
  • university
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The Perfect Sister by EurekaIncorporated
The Perfect Sister by Eureka Incorporated
My sister is perfect. Well, she was. Oops... Cover by @ImAllInYourHead
  • lesbian
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Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Jokes. by Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
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windows [h.s.] by stylesalmighty
windows [h.s.] by imma
"Why are we having a conversation through our windows?" "Because I can't be asked to walk down the stairs and knock on your door." He found her at th...
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Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant and a teaser? Check. by IsaBellsAreRinging
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant... by Isabella
Arianna Wilson lost her parents almost six months ago in a car-accident. After that, she never left her room and never talked to anyone. A few months later, her grandpar...
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Windows c.h by DopeSoph
Windows c.h by That's Dope
"Building will start in a week" In which a girl who goes to boarding school watches a builder out her window.
  • builder
  • cth
  • photography
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No, I Cannot Sleep Without My Teddy Bear by Monica4242
No, I Cannot Sleep Without My Tedd... by Monica
Adrianna knows that she is meant to be with Jackson, the hottest guy in school. Her new neighbor Lucas is willing to help her get together with Jackson sooner. While goi...
  • teddybear
  • window
  • walk
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