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❤APL-PV❤ Hanya ingin menulis sebuah karya.. Terimakasih yang sudah mampir di ceritaku.. jangan lupa《Vote & Comment》yaa,, heheh.. Jangan pernah copas sebagian/seluruh cerita ini!! Hargai penulis, yang sudah menyalurkan karyanya.. Thankss!!
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Huh, about us. What about us? We're an insane group of fangirl losers, loving the life we live and smiling in the background of every photo we shouldn't be in. Wallflowers. Losers. But we enjoy it, so don't try to pity us. We are what we are, my friends. Our little group consists of: @RawrTheSlinky03 or Slinky. She is our anime expert, ask her anything about it. Anything at all. @Lovin_Life_Freely or Lucy, our Broadway and pineapple buff who will not be put as a character in a book or show. @Tenth_Ace or Ace. Ace is our big superhero person, especially Spider-Man and she loves Greed the Avaricious. @Wolf_guitar or Jake. Wolfie-chan doesn't write much, but her beloved partner in crime - James - helps her out. Together, they make one screwed up team. (And she loves Adventure Time) @jene132 or James. She <3 Magcon guys, especially Brent. Don't insult her, she's got damn good comebacks. @Shard_Of_Me or Bambi. The Fullmetal Alchemist Fangirl to the extreme. Like, extremely, extreme! That's all you need to know about these mental people that operate this account. We belong to many fandoms, the list stretches far and wide, but here are some. Maximum Ride Supernatural Fullmetal Alchemist Ultimate Spiderman Glee Adventure Time Once Upon a Time Durarara Percy Jackson Okami-san and Her Seven Companions Graceland Pretty Little Liars Gold Rush Muse!! *cough* Jeremy Shada That's just a few... Soooooo, enjoy reading our insane and stupid works guys! Also bellow the cat face, there is proof of how insane we all are. =^•^= P.S. If you want to read good books go to @eR0413 !
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If you think your alone in the dark, then you're wrong . You are never alone
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Follow me and read all my strories Vote and comment yaaa Ig : @queenseaaa (No private)
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I'm the original Kristen Stewart
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I'm a book/fanfic lover just like the majority of the people on this website. I have an amazing group of friends that I love dearly. I play the Tuba (and I'm awesome at it). I'm currently in the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as first chair and backup for the highest Orchestra. I'm an all A student that plans to go to Texas A&M to Major in animal science and medicine (possibly minor in music) to become a Veterinarian. I'm not very social and extremely shy/timid when it comes to new people but I love to get to know them and their culture if they're a different ethnicity or foreign exchange student. I love to draw and listen to music in my free time. I'm currently taking Spanish classes and teaching myself German just because... Why not? I want to be able to understand all of my friends and others and I truly care for them deeply. I'm a very caring person (ask my friends @sleepyskies, @emokitten, @killjoy-troye, and @0moonstar0) and if ANYONE has problems in their life, please, tell me, I have no life and I'm on here constantly so I'll be available.
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Cuma iseng ko' gimana reaksinya kalo catatan saya di FB di share di sini menarik kah?
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Hello, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this! I'm a 18 year old Michigander, and the High Priest of my coven, the Jovan Grove. I've lived in MI my entire life and have only left a handful of times. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories and the like, in all genres, though honestly have a hard time keeping inspiration for too long. My current endeavor is 50 Short Horror Stories, which I'm only a couple parts into as is, but is already turning out to be a great deal of fun. I do believe that is it for now, and thank you all once again for taking the time to read this.
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Ever since she was eight years old, Karley Pardue has wanted to be an author. She has worked very hard to improve her work and to keep polishing her ability. She has written four children's books, over two hundred poems, and two novels. She writes a bit of everything: paranormal fiction, short stories, fanfiction, poetry, scripts, lyrics. It is very important to her to be able to express her ideas through writing and she hopes that you are able to see her love of it through her stories and poems.