Friends by dessiree96
MUTE (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction) by Sunnyporter
MUTE (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction) by Sunnyporter Fanfiction
Jenni is from Florida and was hipped off to London with her dad and 7 year old sister, Emily, when her mother died when she was 14. She has hated it ever since. The thin...
Det absolutte drømmeliv - One Direction fanfiction på norsk! by firetruckme
Det absolutte drømmeliv - One Dire... by firetruckme Fanfiction
Etter One Direction-konserten i Norge 7.mai, har Dina vært deprimert. Hun brukte mye tid på fjellet, og bestemte seg for å tweete til Liam et bilde av den fantastiske ut...
Little Girl...Big Changes by CarynSchulenberg
Bloodshed Blade (Prologue) by Curious678
Bloodshed Blade (Prologue) by Mary Fanfiction
Diamond Rose is eighteen-years-old for the 76th Hunger Games making it her last chance to be able to become tribute. As being from District 1 she has been prepped for th...