The Piece of Paper: Jacob Sartorius | Book One by Xxpeaches03xX
The Piece of Paper: Jacob Peaches
• "It's fine," I look down and try not to let the heat rush to my cheeks. I look up and he's staring at me very closely. "Oh jelly beans," I whisper...
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My stephbrother | Jacob Sartorius by readingrjs
My stephbrother | Jacob Sartoriusby Rose 🍃
{FINISHED} my name is Rose. At the age of 14 i moved to Virginia. My dad fell in love with a woman called Patricia. Who knew she was the mother of Jacob Sartorius, the b...
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Confused Love (Jacob Sartorius Imagine) by HisYounowGurl
Confused Love (Jacob Sartorius Jj
y/n is a regular 13 year old living in Virginia. One day, she discovered the app,, and that's when everything started to change...
  • mark
  • brycehall
  • magcon
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Gang Leader | jmb & rjs by suck-my-dick
Gang Leader | jmb & rjsby tayla :)
"You don't want to fuck with me" don't forget to vote and comment!♥️
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Tanner Fox and Jacob Sartorius [ DIRTY ] by nmumbo
Tanner Fox and Jacob Sartorius [ nmumbo
Jacob and Tanner having fun! Warning : some really dirty stuff! If you don't like kinky stuff maybe check something else!
  • teen
  • gay
  • fox
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Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted Sequel) (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted anusha
"it's braelynn bitch" in which braelynn gets handed the L and tries to stay calm - but fails
  • musically
  • musical
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BABYGIRL || A Jacob Sartorius Fan Fic by tincandallas2003
BABYGIRL || A Jacob Sartorius ms. magcon
{COMPLETED} Ally is the new girl in Virginia and meets Jacob Satorius, the biggest fuckboy at school.Will Ally take the risk and date the famous Jacob Sartorius? Well f...
  • jacob
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Neighbors-Jacob Sartorius, Joey Birlem and FanFic. by _lovemyfriends3_
Neighbors-Jacob Sartorius, Joey _ᗰᖇᔕ.ᔕᗩᖇtoᖇiᑌᔕ13_
No more California for _______(Y/N). She'll have to learn how to live in a New Place. With new people. And new emotions. #My cousin was currently writing this but...
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Mr. Sartorius by goodlookingsartorius
Mr. Sartoriusby eunice
falling in love for your own teacher? -- Mr. Sartorius ©2017. All Rights Reserved.
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|Joey Birlem imagines| by joeyybirlemm
|Joey Birlem imagines|by Shekha Mendoza
Read this to fill your minds with lively imagines of you and the one and only Joey Birlem. You may be on your first date with him or maybe it will be of how you guys met...
  • itsjoeybirlem
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Chasing Sartorius by ily5everjacob
Chasing Sartoriusby Ally Sartorius
Maddy Johnson considers herself to be invisible at school. No has ever noticed her, until one day, Jacob, the hottest boy in school glances in her direction and her soci...
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Jacob Sartorius Imagines by ellieackerson07
Jacob Sartorius Imaginesby Ellie
Title says it all...
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The Boy Sartorius by IslandSartorius
The Boy Sartoriusby IslandSartorius
Haley is a 14 year old girl living in Ashburn,Virginia. One day a family moves in next door, and it just so happens to be Jacob Sartorius's family.
  • fanfic
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stubborn//j.s. by lexie_cole
stubborn// l e x i
"leave me the hell alone Jacob" "not until you stop being so stubborn"
  • sartorius
  • drama
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Roasted ☆ RiceGum (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Roasted ☆ RiceGum (Social Media anusha
"Braelynn? More like Bracelynn! Ayeeee" in which bryan le roasts braelynn sanders and they roast each other back and forth until their unplanned meeting.
  • dallas
  • rice
  • musical
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he is not my stepbrother a JS fanfic by haileyjackson67
he is not my stepbrother a JS lexie.x
Lexie lived with her father who drank and smoked and got High a lot she runs away and gets drunk and high and does some stuff she wasn't suppose to do she goes home and...
  • lisaandlena
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Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic |||  by Em_Gustinxx
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic ||| by La-a
Third book to j.m.b ~ tweets series ? What happens when you have a conversation with Mark Thomas over tweets ?? Rubbish at blurbs just read ?? Also linked to the j.m.b...
  • sartorius
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Therapist | rjs by suck-my-dick
Therapist | rjsby tayla :)
{sequel to psycho} Asia returns home after being kidnapped by psycho Joey, now she has to go see a therapist. A certain therapist by the name of Jacob Sartorius is who s...
  • rs
  • joey
  • psycho
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Jacob gets a surprise 😋😉 by jedwood
Jacob gets a surprise 😋😉by j3dw00d
Jacob stays over Carson Lueders house, only to find out Carson has other plans in mind
  • jacob
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  • carson
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Jacob sartorius dirty fanfic by AbigailElOkbani
Jacob sartorius dirty fanficby Harryscupcake
A girl named Y/N L/N was just a normal girl until a boy moved in next door... Read to find out more
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