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Temptation // J.S FanFic by HARDNlPS
Temptation // J.S FanFicby OnO
Temptation is something you want but you can't have, something you shouldn't want, something that is unwise, and that something is Jacob Sartorius...
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  • sartorius
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Jacob Sartorius One Shots by BiancaRose4664
Jacob Sartorius One Shotsby BiancaRose4664
For when I have random ideas??. Check out my other books ❤️❤️❤️( yes I know I'm lame) (yes you still have to read it) ~ Bianca
  • dirtyfanfic
  • jsdirty
  • magcon
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|Joey Birlem imagines| by scmendoza15
|Joey Birlem imagines|by Shekha Mendoza
Read this to fill your minds with lively imagines of you and the one and only Joey Birlem. You may be on your first date with him or maybe it will be of how you guys met...
  • sartorius
  • joeybirlemimagines
  • fanfic
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Street Kids||Fillie (completed) by peachyaesx
Street Kids||Fillie (completed)by kelsie⚡️
4 kids have been homeless for about 5 years now, all of them were all close, Millie was upper class rich, one day she comes across the 4 kids, but only one catches her e...
  • wolfhard
  • strangerthings
  • milliebobbybrown
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imagines | js by jacobmysartorius
imagines | jsby marisol
- im·ag·i·na·tion (n.) [iˌmajəˈnāSH(ə)n] 1. the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses 2. the...
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  • jacobsartorius
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Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted Sequel) (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted anusha
"it's braelynn bitch" in which braelynn gets handed the L and tries to stay calm - but fails
  • jacobsartorius
  • ricegum
  • gum
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Gang Leader | jmb & rjs by suck-my-dick
Gang Leader | jmb & rjsby tayla :)
"You don't want to fuck with me" don't forget to vote and comment!♥️
  • joey
  • completed
  • badboy
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Mr. Sartorius.  (completed) by hipliker
Mr. Sartorius. (completed)by hipliker
call him daddy
  • jacobsartorius
  • dirty
  • fanfic
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Tweets ~ Hunter Rowland fanfic by Em_Gustinxx
Tweets ~ Hunter Rowland fanficby La-a
What happens when you have a conversation with Hunter Rowland over tweets? Rubbish at blurbs just read 💗🙈
  • ashton
  • tweets
  • rowland
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Neighbors-Jacob Sartorius, Joey Birlem and FanFic. by _lovemyfriends3_
Neighbors-Jacob Sartorius, Joey _ᗰᖇᔕ.ᔕᗩᖇtoᖇiᑌᔕ13_
No more California for _______(Y/N). She'll have to learn how to live in a New Place. With new people. And new emotions. #My cousin was currently writing this but...
  • sartorius
  • jacobsartorius
  • rowlnad
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A Bad Boy's Heart by Jxbirlem
A Bad Boy's Heartby 💖Emily💖
I lean up against the wall. I ruined my year, not by wearing the wrong clothes but by...
  • fanfiction
  • mark
  • mt
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Jacob sartorius love dirty completed by SartoriusTheFandom
Jacob sartorius love dirty Jacob fan😚
#1 preteen #73 fanfiction this is a Jacob smut fic that I worked really hard to make so yeah let's read! Theres this girl who likes this boy and his name is Jacob!!!!
  • youngromance
  • humor
  • sartorius
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Jacob Sartorius dirty gay fan fiction  by olugday
Jacob Sartorius dirty gay fan olugday
sweet, sweet love between two teenagers who both want the same However, neither knew that they were both gay.
  • jacobsartorius
  • sleepover
  • teen
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♡ m i n d s - j m b♡ by bigbootybirlem
♡ m i n d s - j m b♡by ♡ 𝕛𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕡𝕙 ♡
"okay so you're gonna use me so you could prove to your friend that you can keep a girl for more than a week?" i asked and leaned against the car seat. he nodd...
  • jacob
  • highschool
  • birlem
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Jacob Sartorius Imagines by JacobxSartoriusxx
Jacob Sartorius Imaginesby JacobxSartoriusxx
Hello, lovelies! I saw that there wasn't many Jacob Sartorius Imagines that had imagines that you could actually understand and that many actually had really bad grammar...
  • jacobimagines
  • jacobsartorius
  • justwriteit
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Jacob Sartorius Imagines by goodlookingsartorius
Jacob Sartorius Imaginesby eunice
Jacob Sartorius Imagines {Imagines get better as you go further} Book Started: Sept. 26, 2016
  • sartorius
  • imagines
  • babe
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he is not my stepbrother a JS fanfic by haileyjackson67
he is not my stepbrother a JS Hazstyles
Lexie lived with her father who drank and smoked and got High a lot she runs away and gets drunk and high and does some stuff she wasn't suppose to do she goes home and...
  • thomas
  • musically
  • mark
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Jacob sartorius dirty fanfic by AbigailElOkbani
Jacob sartorius dirty fanficby Harryscupcake
A girl named Y/N L/N was just a normal girl until a boy moved in next door... Read to find out more
  • mark
  • love
  • jacob
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Jacob sartorius dirty fanfic  by Erntheworm123
Jacob sartorius dirty fanfic by Erntheworm123
One shot Jacob stories pure smut
  • fan
  • fanfic
  • girl
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Bullied By Sartorius~J.s •Completed•  by lovejacob2003
Bullied By Sartorius~J.s • °Alexis°
Alexis and Jacob used to be best friend's but when Jacob asked her out something bad happened and now Alexis hates him so much will she fall for him again? Soon Alexis w...
  • love
  • sartorius
  • markthomas
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