My Love. by NiniBens13
My Love.by Ninette 🏳️‍🌈☮️
Lucy lives in a calm town in Texas, where there's hardly any crimes happening. That's all gone when a group of people move in who are dangerous. One of the important mem...
  • bad
  • kidnapping
  • fiction
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The Emperor's Obsession by orphicoblivion
The Emperor's Obsessionby ~ hera ~
"I can protect you, Lihua, but remember this.. No one can protect you from me.. No one." * With an unsmiling grandfather and an uptight aunt, Wu Lihua was perf...
  • evil
  • fantasy-romance
  • china
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Beyond Desire (Yandere! Male Cannibal x SenseiFemReader) by mintgreenartist
Beyond Desire (Yandere! Male Canni...by Jenna
[Ongoing] "I want to taste you again (Y/N)-Chan, like a secret or a sin." ____________________________________ Himura's Funeral Parlor. All that it took was on...
  • blood
  • cannibal
  • love
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She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Series] by ReadingtheInsanity89
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Serie...by ReadingtheInsanity89
Emily Hayden is more than enthusiastic about her second year of college. She's enrolled in the best classes, one year closer to getting her teaching degree, and has her...
  • suspense
  • stalker
  • obsessed
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I will make you only mine by MyLoveForDreams
I will make you only mineby The Creative Dreamer
"SSSSHHHHH... What did I say, you are here to listen, so let me complete. Your family's torture is not what I want. I want you, and now listen what I'll do to you a...
  • deal
  • kidnap
  • obsession
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His fake assistant by tom-yumke
His fake assistantby ...
"She's is the only one who can calm my beast. It lives for her. This body, heart and soul is hers." ☆☆☆ "Mason, let go of him, please", the angel...
  • obsessive
  • erotic
  • assistant
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When Mr.Arrogant Playboy Falls in Love~ JiRose 💓 by IUmochi
When Mr.Arrogant Playboy Falls in...by IUmochi
Jimin a rich spoiled guy is an arrogant person who loves breaking people's hearts. Rosé a very kind and abused person who always has a helping hand. What would happen if...
  • jungkook
  • seulgi
  • taeyang
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Meet Me At Midnight (Fairy Twisted Tale I) by BooksWishii
Meet Me At Midnight (Fairy Twisted...by BooksWishii
Scarlet never thought something would happen in her boring town. Sure, there were some bad guys, but never something that changed people's lives that drastically. That w...
  • love
  • paris
  • princecharming
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Obsessed With The Maid by queen3forever
Obsessed With The Maidby queen3forever
21 year old Alessandra had finished college but with the death of her parents .She was forced to find a job quick to help her and her little sister survive before she ca...
  • obsessed
  • dashwood
  • alessandra
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You belong to me | E.D. by ethansswingss
You belong to me | E.D.by ethansswingss
"Why should I listen to you?!" "Because if you don't I'll pin you against the wall & fuck the shit out of you"
  • obsessed
  • protective
  • graysondolan
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Her Wish by breeari27
Her Wishby Brittany
You know the old adage, "be careful what you wish for." You also know how some people wind up making the biggest mistakes when their wish came true. They lear...
  • obsessive
  • love
  • obsessed
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Obsession #1 ✔️(Original Version) by delenatwihard
Obsession #1 ✔️(Original Version)by D. Faye
This is the first book I've ever written! (you've been warned) COMPLETED READ the re-written version on @RadishFiction! Write a review on the rewritten version on my Goo...
  • mate
  • love
  • demonsandevil
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Bloody Lips | Completed by histi_leena
Bloody Lips | Completedby 🍩
#01 in vampire [10.07.2017] I can sense him, I can smell him.He comes here every night but I am scared to face him. Who is he? what does he want ? I sense him coming...
  • jealousy
  • hunter
  • night
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Control by ImaginationStation22
Controlby B R I A R O S E
Her parents are cold controlling people who run her life the way they wished theirs were. She can only go to the best schools, only spend time with the best people. They...
  • obsessed
  • menage
  • control
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The Untamed boy  by _Tiaraqueen_
The Untamed boy by Aastha Shinde
#12 in teen fiction ~8|11| 17 You will not touch to him, nor seat beside him, not talk to him. And if I see you together in cafeteria, classroom or in the corridor or...
  • romance
  • untamed
  • bad
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The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack ) by Kissess4ucutie
The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack )by Kissess4ucutie
Where a dangerous gang leader falls for an innocent girl. •Fiction Awards 2016 finalist• *This is my story. All of this was my idea. Please do not steal my work, or any...
  • passion
  • obsessed
  • brides
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My Pathological Teacher IV •LeePace✔️• COMPLETED  by 46Nova_Lucius
My Pathological Teacher IV •LeePac...by Darling☺️
Evelyn Clementine is a 17 year old sweet heart. She's new to town and, of course, gropes the attention from all... Including some Pathological.... Charles Montgomery wa...
  • leepace
  • age
  • stalker
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Bogus Wife (18+) [Private Chapters] by cLasPakaclaire
Bogus Wife (18+) [Private Chapters]by c L a s P
WARNING!!! Bogus Wife is a fast-pace novella. The shortest I've ever made. The plot was just a spark of idea from while I was walking down the dark street alone and tho...
  • abducted
  • knockedup
  • wattpadhq
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The Boys by Solar_Gemini
The Boysby Solar_Gemini
After the tragic death of both parents, Sutton and Jaime are sent to live with their aunt in Emmett for a fresh new start. But things take a dark turn when Sutton unknow...
  • teenfiction
  • psychopath
  • horror
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Lunatic (#2 Psycho Series) by Aaliyah_Loyal
Lunatic (#2 Psycho Series)by Aaliyah Turner
"S-stay away or I'll call the cops!" I shouted moving around the island. It was the only thing stopping him from getting to me. "Oh sweetheart go ahead...
  • stalker
  • possessive
  • crazy
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