All For Me {Frerard} {Completed} by leigha_way_
All For Me {Frerard} {Completed} by YaThought Fanfiction
Could I bring myself to love someone that I hurt so much? Is this all just a dream? Can I ever escape this nightmare? Frerard
Bad Blood (A Max Green FanFic) by MarinaElizabeth
Bad Blood (A Max Green FanFic) by Marina Fanfiction
Danielle 'Danie' Storm was just an average girl living an average life. Her best friend, Max Green, soon becomes her lover and when something tears them apart Danie beli...
Second Chances... [Max Green/Ronnie Radke BoyxBoy♥] by TheGreatSaiyaman
Second Chances... [Max Green/Ronni... by TheGreatSaiyaman Fanfiction
I missed max. Those were the only thoughts in my head these days, I couldn't concentrate on anything properly without it linking it back to him. The lyrics I wrote, or...
Dont let me get me by BruisesAndBlades
Dont let me get me by Alex Fanfiction
She was an average reject. He was a famous rock star. The chance of them meeting was one in a million. But when they did, things went downhill.
Kidnapped By Escape The Fate (ETF fanfic)(no more updates) by Mariatoocool
Kidnapped By Escape The Fate (ETF... by mhortiz17 Fanfiction
No longer continuing Alex didnt have a perfect life. She got abused by her drunkin mom. Her dad passed away years ago. She was the only child. She always felt so alone a...
Good bye old friend, well meet again ~Craig mabbitt and Ronnie Radke~ by gaygalaxydun
Good bye old friend, well meet aga... by Hamilton Trash ;) Fanfiction
Craig Mabbitt and Ronnie Radke used to hate each other but now that they are on tour they HAVE to suck it up and be friends But will they decide to be with each other a...
The Drug In Me is You (Ronnie vs Craig) by bailey-bear
The Drug In Me is You (Ronnie vs C... by Bailey Teen Fiction
Lena's life has never been simple. With her older brother being Ronnie Radke she could never truely trust anyone. That is until she met Craig Mabbitt her brother's bigge...
Sexy Drug: Ronnie Radke Fic  (Under Major reconstruction) by MelanieDylla
Sexy Drug: Ronnie Radke Fic (Unde... by Black_rose21 Fanfiction
Kendall Raven Havoc has two main best friends for about eight years now, their names are Ronnie Radke and Andy Biersack. They all have a wild passion for music. But Ronn...
Forever With Him {Max Green Love Story} 3 by PacifyMyPizza
Forever With Him {Max Green Love S... by Bella Dolan ;) Fanfiction
Luna had just told Max she's pregnant with his baby. She's defiantly afraid of his reaction. Will he raise the baby with her? Or just push Luna away?
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke... by Kendra Schmidt Fanfiction
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
Chasing The Fate (Escape The Fate Story) by andieblaize
Chalk Outline || Cyan by S_yny_ster
Chalk Outline || Cyan by Ryen Fanfiction
Chris is the president of most feared gang on east coast. With his ability to lead doubted, and his father's murderer on the loose, he's conflicted and challenged, but...
One Shots by xXxComaxLoveXxX
One Shots by Danie Fanfiction
I really wanted to write some new stories, so I decided to take requests for one shots. If you want one, PM me with a name and who you want to be with. I'll try to get i...
The Nightmare Before Christmas by essenceofrevival
The Nightmare Before Christmas by essenceofrevival Fanfiction
Kieran Asher Blake Matthews a 17 year old is surronded by death and despair on Christmas Eve. He wants to escape his fate by dying he goes to an abandoned old park to ki...
Something {Craig Mabbitt} by personal_apocalypse
Something {Craig Mabbitt} by Джефрі ☔️ Teen Fiction
Ronnie radke had just Ben arrested leaving escape the fate without a a singer..his sister alesana was devistated. Until one day when Max brings in Craig, the former sing...
Band one shots  [ Requests open] PTV BVB SWS BMTH OMAM etc. by bandobsesseddevils
Band one shots [ Requests open] P... by bandobsesseddevils Fanfiction
The Web's we Weave (Ronnie Radke and Max Green Love Story) by AlisonPurdy-Ferguson
The Web's we Weave (Ronnie Radke a... by Alison Tsukito Fanfiction
This Is a Fan Fic about Max Green and Ronnie Radke, It includes the likes of Black veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Natrual Born Killers and Esacpe the Fate. This Is a...
♫.::.MUSIC.::.♫ by slasheRR
♫.::.MUSIC.::.♫ by no thanks Random
This is a collection of songs. If you have reccomendations or concerns, please let me know. NOTE- This is temporarily completed. I'm too busy writing to dig up a song to...
Band PickUp Lines by WoahDanielle
Band PickUp Lines by Danielle Fgt Short Story
This is just a book of Band PickUp Lines... I hope you like it
Max Green Imagine by personal_apocalypse