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Moran ff by dns1357
Moran ffby dns1357
Ziddi dil maane na Fanfiction of Moran Dr Monami Mahajan - Kaveri Priyam Commando Karan Shergill - Shaleen Malhotra All other characters are same as the show Let's see...
DARRAR(Book- 2 Rawte Sibling') by SiblingsLove1
DARRAR(Book- 2 Rawte Sibling')by Shree
What will happen when the twins who supported each other, stood for eachother, will stand against eachother? Whose side will Arjun take? How will Ayush and Roshni cope...
FARZ (Book1- Raichand Brothers) by SwatiSandeep
FARZ (Book1- Raichand Brothers)by SwatiSandeep
Three brothers..... Polar opposites...... One is a police officer who believes in law and justice, very uptight and straight forward..... One a rebel, a notorious detec...
Monami & Karan: Together Forever ❤️♾️ (Slow Updates) by tanvi28_official
Monami & Karan: Together Forever ❤ T:)
Pregnancy track included 🤰🍼👩‍🍼 What happens if Moran are married and Aneesh enters the academy once again, completely unaware of their marriage. What problems does h...
Imtehaan Rishton Ka (Book-1 Rawte Sibling') by SiblingsLove1
Imtehaan Rishton Ka (Book-1 Shree
1 innocent soul and his 3 elder siblings. Arjun begin strict yet loving elder brother and a father figure to the twins will he change and turn into soft person for the y...
maddamsir - Rishton Ka Chakrview by kareenaff
maddamsir - Rishton Ka Chakrviewby kareenav (yukira)
kuku mishbir anuseena viyoshma kareena anushma and abha and karan
Moran- a journey with you by my side  by Rulkixlove8
Moran- a journey with you by my anuseenaxrulki_love
he is tough she is soft he is cold she is warm he is rude she is kind he is hot she is cute how can be a love story with these both guys
❤️Bepanah Ishq❤️ by SHAVERI_world
❤️Bepanah Ishq❤️by Shivi
A rude heartless....mafiya king...whose world revolv around only in his work...nd his daughter.........he wants what ever he wishe by hock or crock........ what happened...
✿ 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 ✿ ✓ by Neha__25
✿ 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 ✿ ✓by Neha
The story is started after the end of ZDMN... You can think this is ZDMN S2... This is specifically based on MoRan and SiMi Sidmoran.... 💜💜 (My favourite 💙) There...
You & Me by Moran_zdmn
You & Meby RJ
He has a heart of ice Where she has a heart of gold He don't care about anyone And she also care about those whom she hates the most What will happen when two totally o...
❣️Agar Tum Saath ho❣️  by SHAVERI_world
❣️Agar Tum Saath ho❣️ by Shivi
soo SHAVERI love story but there is something terrifing....or I can say .... horrible past....
Bound with the thread of Love♥️ [Slow Updates] by tanvi28_official
Bound with the thread of Love♥️ [ T:)
Hey guys!! This is my first time writing experience... but is surely going to be fun for you you read... This is an improvised version of Ziddi Dil Maane Na (ZDMN) story...
pyaar lafzon mein Kahan  by zdmn_khan_girl
pyaar lafzon mein Kahan by aamina Khan
Devi di ke liye try ki hai Karan or monami ki kahani or aap sab padha lo kaise hai
LOVE IS NOT FORCED... IT HAPPENS 𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚7𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕟❣️❣️
here moran are married forcefully but how they clear their way to love this story is all about it....
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Sanam Teri Kasam  by zdmn_khan_girl
Sanam Teri Kasam by aamina Khan
Sanam Teri Kasam movie par Moran story hai kaise batao mujhe
Khushi Ke Rangon Waali... HOLI by Arakshi_mylove
Khushi Ke Rangon Waali... HOLIby Arakshi_mylove
Short Story based on show "Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek Arjun". Its an Arakshi story. Story of Holi Festival which brings the colour of happiness in our Arakshi's an...
Second Chance (Completed) by annie_scorpion
Second Chance (Completed)by Neha (Annie)
He has loved someone immensely. But she was snatched away from him brutally. Now he is too broken to even think about love. His only aim is to punish one person who snat...
It is a Short story after watching yesterday's episode..... hope u all like it
Redefined Lovers : Moran  by fiercesoul_
Redefined Lovers : Moran by Gursimar Kaur
This story is about Moran. So basically , Karan and Monami are childhood best friends. Monami is an orphan and Karan's mom took care of her since the beginning. For Mona...
Together Forever (indefinite hold) by manjulika28
Together Forever (indefinite hold)by manjulika28
Love conquers all, a famous saying and she proved it, she conquered death and came back just for him. This is a fan fiction for my all time favourite couple Ariya! Join...