Teen Wolf Imagines by teenwolfrunner
Teen Wolf Imagines by Veronica Lodge Fanfiction
This is a completed collection of Teen Wolf Imagines.
Teen wolf imagines by KattWrites
Teen wolf imagines by K A T I E Fanfiction
Teen Wolf Imagines! [#5 in FanFiction, 21/10/16]
teen wolf | gif series { book one } by tomsfeIton
teen wolf | gif series { book one } by — ❛ ELIZABETH ❜ Fanfiction
❝ scott, you're my brother ❞ - where i create small imagines based on jeff davis's teen wolf { cover credit; argentsvogue }
Instinct » Liam Dunbar [Book 3] by _toxicity
Instinct » Liam Dunbar [Book 3] by Mol Fanfiction
"Even madness has its own logic." Rebecca McCall thought she'd faced things worse than death before. She thought she'd experienced enough unimaginable pain in...
Teen Wolf Imagines {accepting requests} by HardCoreNerd2016
Teen Wolf Imagines {accepting requ... by Cameron Fanfiction
Title says it all :) I do any coupling. Whether it's tow characters from the show or x reader for any character. Ships can be realistic or insane, cannon or not, anythin...
Deadpool \\ Derek Hale [1] by AintThatDevine
Deadpool \\ Derek Hale [1] by ♤ melissa ♤ Fanfiction
Names on a list with a price were all they were. Humanity was pushed out of importance; the lure of money lingering overhead. The weaponry increased in Beacon Hills, and...
Young Love {L.D} BOOK 2 by thomasbrodie234
Young Love {L.D} BOOK 2 by |-/ Fanfiction
Starting where I left off....
When Your Eyes Are Red [s.m][1] by ayrpluto72
When Your Eyes Are Red [s.m][1] by Kirsty Fanfiction
Levi is new to Beacon Hills. She figures being Deucalion's daughter, and being an alpha, she would be fine. Throw in the rival packs, a Darach and some family issues, sh...
Not A Monster [LIAM DUNBAR] by scxttsmccall
Not A Monster [LIAM DUNBAR] by stydia trash Fanfiction
"You are not a monster. Not to me." After the recent death of Allison Argent, Aspen Martin's world fell apart. Her sister, Lydia, was depressed, Aspen felt li...
Anger Management · Liam Dunbar by rainypunk
Anger Management · Liam Dunbar by rainypunk Fanfiction
"And in that very moment, she knew from then on. Everything changed. And nothing would be the same, ever again." « « « » » » [Liam Dunbar] [Season 4]
FEARLESS ᐅ LIAM DUNBAR by mvltiversed
❝She was fearless, for she knew that hell was beneath her and the fragile gift of mortality burned within her. She has known defeat, known suffering, known struggling, k...
stranger → dylan sprayberry [1] by artjficially
stranger → dylan sprayberry [1] by el ≈ Fanfiction
you are now chatting with a random stranger. say hi! you both like 'teen wolf'. → aka in which victoria palmer reaches the brink of boredom at which she decides spend...
Fall | s.m #Wattys2017 by -Parrish_
Fall | s.m #Wattys2017 by - ̗̀ Britt ̖́- Fanfiction
"She oh- so gracefully carved her initials on the inside of his beautiful mind." 493# in fanfiction Season 5 Book 1
Screams Of The Dead *Liam Dunbar*[1] by VoidArchie
Screams Of The Dead *Liam Dunbar*[... by 50 shades of Lauren Fanfiction
"Something inside me has changed. I feel like I have hit rock bottom" Rebecca Martin just wants to be normal, she wants her mother to accept her and not alwa...
Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken Fanfiction) {UNDER HEAVY EDITING} by CinderMouse
Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken F... by Sassi Mouse Fanfiction
Sixteen year old, Cressanna "Cress" Stilinski used to be normal. She used to have normal friends. Now she's best friends with a werewolf or two. She can't say...
Shatter. || teen wolf [4] by hxlystydia
Shatter. || teen wolf [4] by saige Fanfiction
After months of happiness Lainy knew that something bad was bound to happen. But she wasn't expecting this. With friendships being tested, trusts being broken and a new...
Love Me •Liam Dunbar• {book 1} by InspirationExists
Love Me •Liam Dunbar• {book 1} by ɥɔɐɹ Fanfiction
"How can you love me when I don't love myself?" "I'll love you for the both of us" ||Season 4|| [Book one in the Dana James trilogy]
Not So Ordinary~ Dunbar [2] by multi_fandom2015
Not So Ordinary~ Dunbar [2] by multi_fandom2015 Fanfiction
"With everything that went down last year and the guy that attacked you? I have a really bad feeling in my stomach. Like something bad is coming. Something really b...
Revelations ∞ Liam Dunbar [1] by ashleylon
Revelations ∞ Liam Dunbar [1] by Ashley Fanfiction
Elizabeth Shields has been best friends with Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski for as long as she can remember. She grew up with them, even though she's two years younge...
Peter Hale Imagines by bonniebird
Peter Hale Imagines by Bonniebird Fanfiction
This is a collection of reader insert imagines (Fluff and Smut) from my Tumblr blog