The Force Between Us by cooper40039
The Force Between Usby Maythe4bwithu
Roe is an orphan left in the care of the Resistance. As she grows she becomes one of the best pilots the Resistance has. However when the First Order attacks Kashyyyk, a...
  • kyloren
  • romance
  • poe
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Taken by A_M_Book
Takenby Aniya Booker
Harry Potter wasn't really the son of James and Lily Potter. He was the son of Remus Black née Lupin and Sirius Black. Harry comes into his creature inheritance and beco...
  • mollybashing
  • mates
  • boy×boy
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Destined Opposites by Spelltacular_Hex
Destined Oppositesby shania
On Harry's 14th birthday he went into his inheritance he had almost killed his uncle with his new powers rage had taken him over. he soon fell into a deep slumber. Padfo...
  • snape
  • triwizardtordiment
  • demon
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The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Male Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Hi...by The Loner
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by both, Angels and Devils. Even God and Satan would have problems in taking them out. That's how powerfu...
  • romance
  • war
  • serafall
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His Submissive Omega (boyxboy) by RockStarzzz
His Submissive Omega (boyxboy)by RockStarzzz
October Levitation is a submissive Omega of the Cruel Black Pack. Meaning he bows down to everyone. He is the slave. The punching bag. The toy. Everyone knows he's gay a...
  • depression
  • love
  • marking
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Chaotic ➳ Kylo Ren  by xlost_lunax
Chaotic ➳ Kylo Ren by Bridie
Herana Iris is the sole heir to the throne of Waruia, a planet that sits between The Republic and the First Order. Cunning, smart and strong, Herana has always felt that...
  • relationship
  • starwars
  • ben
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Torn Apart (A Kylo Ren x Reader) by kylo__ren
Torn Apart (A Kylo Ren x Reader)by The Kylo Ren
Being with the Resistance wasn't always easy, you were continously faced with obstacles. One obstacle being your love, the one you had loved since the very beginning. ...
  • love
  • adamdriver
  • theforceawakens
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Kylo Ren x Reader | One Shots by violaeades
Kylo Ren x Reader | One Shotsby mariah
Requests: OPEN PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT write smut, lemons, nor boy x boy!
  • starwars
  • darkside
  • xreader
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This Is Me (DRARRY) by blackangel1799
This Is Me (DRARRY)by blackangel1799
I suck at descriptions.
  • grangerbashing
  • darkside
  • dracoxharry
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Too late, I'm not your son by AjSummer
Too late, I'm not your sonby AjSummer
Percy Jackson was accused of being a traitor and working for Kronos. When Poseidon doesn't stick up for Percy, he decides he is no longer a son of Poseidon. He neglects...
  • kronos
  • darkside
  • betrayed
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Dare time by septiplier_antiplier
Dare timeby septiplier_antiplier
You can dare Dark,Anti,Jack and Mark to do any dare you want just comment below a dare and they will do it! Anti:I'm not doing that! Me:stfu you are (CHECK THE BOOK NU...
  • darkiplier
  • danti
  • markiplier
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Harry Potter Strikes Back by livycipher
Harry Potter Strikes Backby Livy malfoy potter
Harry Potter learns he is a horcrux and reacts differently. Instead of going to the forest to let Voldemort kill him he does something totally different. What he does, y...
  • voldemort
  • theboywholived
  • tomriddle
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Royal Agreements [Kylo Ren x Reader] by violaeades
Royal Agreements [Kylo Ren x Reade...by mariah
BOOK I OF THE 'ROYAL' SERIES Being the princess of the planet Amaar brought you several daunting tasks. It was your ancestors' decision to wholly trust and obey the ways...
  • thelastjedi
  • darkside
  • thefirstorder
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Temptation Of Grey  by Lilith41
Temptation Of Grey by Stefanie Gries
Reylo fanfic based on ideas for episode 9 The rebels could first flee to a safe place and start rebuilding themselves. Rey and Kylo / Ben continue to have a strong conne...
  • rey
  • jedi
  • kylo
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No Love Lost (Reylo, Star Wars) by deadshct
No Love Lost (Reylo, Star Wars)by Jayce T.
It wasn't a coincidence that he recognized her. She wasn't just anyone. It was Rey. His Rey. The girl that he knew since childhood. The girl he loved. The girl whom he t...
  • lightside
  • darkside
  • starwarstheforceawakens
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Dare time 2 by septiplier_antiplier
Dare time 2by septiplier_antiplier
Anti:NOOOOOO Me:SHUT UP!!! You can dare Jack,Mark,Anti & Dare what ever you want! Also this is book 2 cuz the 1st reached the max chapters so that is over...anyway TH...
  • wattys2017
  • antiplier
  • alterego
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Star Wars Rebels: Texting (complete) by lothcatwillow
Star Wars Rebels: Texting (complet...by ✨ Wil ✨
Whats one thing that the Rebels like almost as much as rebelling against the Empire? Texting, of course. Laughs are 100% guaranteed or your credits back! Oh, and...
  • texting
  • sabine
  • starwars
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The Last Stand ✔️ by lothcatwillow
The Last Stand ✔️by ✨ Wil ✨
in which heroes are dead and gone and broken. Only one side can have a happy ending. (-0-) BOOK THREE OF CHILD OF THE GHOST - Highest ranking: #354 in fanfiction 1/24...
  • childoftheghost
  • ezrabridger
  • phantom
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Kylo Ren Imagines (Requests Open) by ReyxSolo
Kylo Ren Imagines (Requests Open)by Wild Card ♢
A few Imagines from the Evil Commander of the first order! Including Matt The Radar Technision! Warning: Has Smut in a few of the chapters! Please don't read them if you...
  • matt
  • knight
  • generalhux
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Forcefully (Kylo Ren X Reader) by ReyxSolo
Forcefully (Kylo Ren X Reader)by Wild Card ♢
Your fiance General Hux was a bit of a drinker. You always just passed that off as his extra work and how hard that could be as a person. Them his sex addiction started...
  • bensolo
  • darkside
  • wattys2016
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