BTS Texts & Scenarios by glosssyjeon
BTS Texts & Scenarios by •yanna• Fanfiction
~BTS texts with you~ ~Some BTS scenarios~ Don't forget to vote please :) Luv you<3 -xoxo Ayanna
Teach Her  by pocketbangtan
Teach Her by Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E Fanfiction
"Screw the rules. I want you, Kim Y/N." Highest Ranking : [#15 in Fanfiction] BTS Park Jimin x reader High school teacher AU
Mr CEO | Taehyung x You #Wattys2017 by goldenchipkookie
Mr CEO | Taehyung x You #Wattys2017 by fairytael Fanfiction
❝Marry him?❞ - He doesn't loves her (you). He hates her. He just doesn't wants her to be his wife because he has a girlfriend that he loves so much. But will that chang...
Addiction | pjm   by azurenights
Addiction | pjm by Rose A. Fanfiction
"You kissed me like an alcoholic taking their last drink." A D D I C T I O N (Book 1 in 'Black & White' series) When you are addicted to drugs, you can go to r...
BTS Imagines [completed] by humeri
BTS Imagines [completed] by humeri Fanfiction
1st out of (soon) three imagine books. a bunch of BTS Imagine~ lemme just tell y'all that the imagines are worse the earlier they were published, hah
BTS ✉️ T E X T by _trashmooooo_
BTS ✉️ T E X T by 🌸 BOO's Fanfiction
sent. read. reply? [ One-shots ; Text ] Rank #1 in fanfiction - 11/6/16
BTS// Instagram by YoongiBearTaeBaby
BTS// Instagram by ㅁDaryanㅁ Fanfiction
"@MotionlessMin liked your post" "@MotionlessMin commented on your post" "@MotionlessMin started following you" *Occasional use of swear w...
Mental - jungkook x reader by jungfudge
Mental - jungkook x reader by that dank coconut Fanfiction
"How did I become such a monster? I'm sorry I hurt you when I first met you, I... I just don't understand.. My life was perfect, and now.." He cried to me. STA...
втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✎ by snoowy_
втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✎ by angelie Random
BTS Wallpapers, completed crdts: snoowy_ 2016
ARRANGED by _mochimin
ARRANGED by 서별태🌟 Fanfiction
"I love him." "But i don't love her." "I'm nice to him." "I'm rude to her." "I know he doesn't like me." "She know...
Instagram Train - Vkook by Tearfulbobcat66
Instagram Train - Vkook by Squishington Fanfiction
Another Vkook/Taekook Instagram story. This is my first Instagram fanfic. I don't know if it is any good so enjoy! This is MY work, MY thoughts an...
daegu boy.  |  min yoongi  by jiminfication
daegu boy. | min yoongi by Tzuyan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Fanfiction
"If I can use my tears to make you smile....then it's more than worthwhile." 「what happens when a musically talented boy from daegu occupies the empty home bes...
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by _asmaa_author_
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by Asmaà Fanfiction
Park Jimin is an ARMY whose life will suddenly change when he will keep meeting his bias, Suga coincidentally.
Let's Learn Korean [Compilation] by ZieLlanes
Let's Learn Korean [Compilation] by Zie Llanes Non-Fiction
Highest Rank: #1 Non-Fiction Annyeonghaseyo. Jeoneun Man Joo Yeon imnida. I'm here to help you to learn some korean phrases,grammars or words in an easy way here in this...
Agridulce ◆ Kookmin ; 국민 by theparkjimin
Agridulce ◆ Kookmin ; 국민 by 21:21 Fanfiction
Hablemos de que Jimin ama el rosa y Jungkook es un idiota tatuado. ➫ no copias ni adaptaciones. ➫ fluff ; drama. ➫ jk bruto ; jm soft. ...
you. || + j.jk  ♡ vkook by chanyeolsblossom
you. || + j.jk ♡ vkook by r i c e—♡ Fanfiction
in which taehyung hates jungkook, but slowly comes to like the supposed 'bad boy.' "lips are chapped and faded." /////////////////////////////////////////// ...
The Mafia's Son || Park Jimin by DreamerForeveer
The Mafia's Son || Park Jimin by Ange*:・゚✧ Fanfiction
I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. "This is it." I told myself as I backed up against the end of the wall in this dark alley. The men were all dressed...
Mr. Bunny | Jungkook x Reader #BEYONDTHEREALITY17 by JlMlNPARK
Mr. Bunny | Jungkook x Reader #BEY... by oppa Fanfiction
"How can you love someone that you couldn't see in person?" "You don't understand." 3K reads - Agust-D 6, 2017 (wow thank you!) 4K - Aug 11, 2017 ( ;...
My Type  by Mae_shmallow
My Type by Mae Random
"In which Yeri and Jungkook met and fell inlove through Instagram." Other BTSVELVET ships will be added later on. Plus I do not own any of the pictures! I only...
BTS Texts (Requests Temporarily Closed) by _Kkpoptrashh_
BTS Texts (Requests Temporarily Cl... by KKPOP Fanfiction
CATCHING UP ON REQUESTS AND THE "BFF" AND "INSTAGRAM" SERIES SCHOOL -^- This book is just gonna be text messages between BTS and you!! •Group Chats ...