My Step Brother (Jeon Jungkook x Reader) by gummyoongz_
My Step Brother (Jeon Jungkook x R... by staerynight Fanfiction
{Highest rank: #39 in Fan-fiction- Nov 19th, 2017} I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a warm skin around my body. Without any thinking, I turned around and saw something...
roomies [JUNGKOOK FF] by jungkracker
roomies [JUNGKOOK FF] by . Fanfiction
"Huge mistake Jungkook" "Now she's gone." "It was your chance but now she's gone." ... Start: 17.06.11 Completed: ? Highest: #22
Secretly Married (BTS Jimin and BLACKPINK Rosé Fanfic)  by yoongi1122
Secretly Married (BTS Jimin and BL... by Yoongi1122 Fanfiction
Roseanne Park, Park Chaeyoung or BLACKPINK's Rosé - that's how everybody knows you. You just had your debut under one of the biggest entertainment agency in South Korea...
Good Girl Becomes Bad Girl (BTS Jeon Jungkook) by stickgurl
Good Girl Becomes Bad Girl (BTS Je... by shell🌸 Fanfiction
" Jeon Jungkook I-I like y-you." "Sorry, I don't date girls who look like trash. Now get away from me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kim Areum is your typica...
Mr Spreading Legs/Vkook by YuriWritesYaoi
Mr Spreading Legs/Vkook by Jungbooty 🍑 Fanfiction
Jeon Jungkook or his nickname "Mr Spreading Legs" love to tease Kim Taehyung who just entered their campus by throwing pickup lines and seduced him. But what h...
Jungkook The Player {[COMPLETED]} by wheresthejisoos
Jungkook The Player {[COMPLETED]} by NeedsHolyWaterASAP Fanfiction
You were walking down the halls with Namjoon to get to your locker until you bump into a guy. He glances at you and sneers. 'A little grumpy much,' you think as you walk...
BTS' EIGHTH MEMBER by ikeeplosingmymind
Based off the YouTube fan fiction You were one of Bighit's most valuable trainees in 2013. You heard the rumor that a group would be debuting, but you didn't have much...
New 새로운 // BTS by Yoongurrt
New 새로운 // BTS by Calyummy Fanfiction
What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but wit...
anatomy | yoonkook by sereinnn
anatomy | yoonkook by flaming gaylord Fanfiction
❝anatomy will be the death of me, hyung ▶ yoongi helps jeongguk study anatomy © sereinnn // ongoing (texting & short chapters)
My lovely brother [VKOOK] by Cyspring
My lovely brother [VKOOK] by Taekookie Fanfiction
"J'ai un problème, un gros problème. Je ne sais pas si sa vient de moi, je ne sais même pas si sa passeras. Tout ceux que je sais, c'est que je suis en pleins milie...
My Playboy || Completed by Suga_Kim
My Playboy || Completed by Kim 🐢 Fanfiction
"Jimin I swear I will kill you if you come any closer." I slowly back away. "Alright, if you says so." He grin, sitting on the edge of the bed. "...
Teach Her ✔️ by pocketbangtan
Teach Her ✔️ by Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E Fanfiction
"Screw the rules. I want you, Kim Y/N." Highest Ranking : [#1 in Fanfiction] BTS Park Jimin x reader High school teacher AU Translations: Spanish
MY STEPBROTHER • Kim Taehyung[DISCONTINUED] by baengbaengtaen
MY STEPBROTHER • Kim Taehyung[DISC... by baengbaengtaen Fanfiction
Your Mom: ofc ur mom Mr. Kim: Stepdad/dad Kim Taehyung: Stepbrother and ??? Kim Soo Ji: Stepsister ~~ StARteD: aPRiL 3, 2017 eNdED: ______ ~~ -Srry w/ the crappy descrip...
Stalemate // BTS JIKOOK by MiniMarkiepooh
Stalemate // BTS JIKOOK by Mini Markiepooh Fanfiction
A mysterious transfer student who captures everyone's hearts and an identity that only he seems to know, Jungkook is a new student at Bangtan High who's popularity climb...
wrong number // jjk  by k16b13
wrong number // jjk by dollar dollar Fanfiction
the text messages between a girl who doesn't care for labels and a boy who is labeled worldwide as the hottest male alive which all started from a simple wrong number si...
FOREIGN | MYG + PJM by ¡sara! Fanfiction
❝if you're from the states then how can you speak fluent korean?❞ ❝bitch, do i look like i'm white?❞ © luvlyjinwoo ; all rights reserved #615 in fanfiction | october 4t...
The Mafia's Son | [completed] by DreamerForeveer
The Mafia's Son | [completed] by Angelica*:・゚✧ Fanfiction
I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. "This is it." I told myself as I backed up against the end of the wall in this dark alley. The men were all dressed...
BOSS || JUNG HOSEOK by ~Grace~ Fanfiction
"How can you not be on time for a simple arrival?" He laughs. "But I understand why your father put you as the low ranking job. Just a pity employment.&qu...
Honey Bunny by pocketbangtan
Honey Bunny by Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E Fanfiction
"Jungkook. Just. Humped. Me." BTS Jungkook x Reader Bunny JK ❤️❤️ lol it sounds weird but trust me Highest Rank: [#25 in Fanfiction]
be mine | j.jeongguk ; book1 by jenokook
be mine | j.jeongguk ; book1 by 「daddy」 Fanfiction
"Will you be mine?" 「COMPLETED」 [edited]