Au cœur du hood - Chronique  by AyaQLF
Au cœur du hood - Chronique by AyaQLF Teen Fiction
Venez découvrir mon histoire
Para Onde Ela Foi - continuação de Se Eu Ficar by iloveponnys2
Para Onde Ela Foi - continuação de... by iloveponnys2 Romance
Meu primeiro impulso não é agarrá-la nem beijá-la. Eu só quero tocar sua bochecha, ainda corada pela apresentação desta noite. Eu quero atravessar o espaço que nos separ...
Girls Problem by graffyti
Girls Problem by awash panash Fanfiction
"Gue gendut." "Terus apa masalahnya? Gue tetep sayang kok sama lo."
حبيبي المثير 18+ by boha_chanyeol_girl
حبيبي المثير 18+ by lee_sol_2_0_0_5_ Fanfiction
انيو نشلا تعجبكن الروايه و تفاعلو فيها بليز 😍😍😍 الابطال هم سيهون و كاي و تشانيول و بيكهيون البنات هم ريحاب و آية و اميمة و رانيا بتمنا تعجبكن و هي روايه عبارة عن مع...
Mad Father: A Better Ending by Tenshi_Bacon
Mad Father: A Better Ending by Bacon Fanfiction
What if Dio didn't die and came with them, what if Maria was like a mom to them, What if Aya didn't became evil because of Dio's guidance, it would be better ending.
Rule Four || Dream by _SummerMochi_
Rule Four || Dream by ♡たくさん♡ Fanfiction
The rules weren't hard. Rule one, don't violate the contract. Two, relationships must be kept private. Three, must call in ahead of time if you're sick or for a family...
The entity's girl {Entity 303 × Reader} by Shattered_Phoenix_10
The entity's girl {Entity 303 × Re... by Aya Tekashi Random
303 isn't a god, he's a hacker. He kills and slays, he glitches and attacks. But, what if he found a special girl that makes his heart warm from frozen, to hot and warm
Last Stride [Prince of Stride] by Hinatsukii
Last Stride [Prince of Stride] by Hina Fanfiction
My last stride was with my teammates. Now I'm never participating in another Stride ever again. Nozomi "Aya" Ayano used to be part of the Stride Club, particip...
Anahi  A Filha Da Princesa by hittenyOficial
Anahi A Filha Da Princesa by Hitteny Portilla Herreira Romance
Este não é um conto de fadas comum. Sim, existe uma princesa. Não uma donzela, mas uma jovem moderna, preocupada com os problemas de seu tempo. Há também um príncipe. Só...
Sasuke X Reader by CheshireLuv
Sasuke X Reader by Violet Bloom Fanfiction
Sasuke is your true love you would do anything for him Even die for him but he is too much in love with you to let you die
May You Be Smiled Upon [DISCONTINUED] by MJ_Lemmon_Muffins
May You Be Smiled Upon [DISCONTINU... by Mj Fanfiction
Aya Drevis, a nice girl with a snow white rabbit and huge house. Dio, a boy with an eye missing and was an experiment. Once they met and fought through a curse due to Ay...
Gebetan yang tertukar by Aziizaapp
Gebetan yang tertukar by Aziizaapp Teen Fiction
Xixixi dari judulnya aja gajelas apa lagi isinya! So have fun!
BEST Friend ko Sila NOON by KCMella
BEST Friend ko Sila NOON by KC Celorio Medenilla Teen Fiction
Best friend yan yung mga taong sobrang close mo at halos lahat nang sikreto mo at alam Nila Best FriEND oo may wakas ang pagkakaibigan pero hindi ibig sabihin noon ay ka...
Secreto by jpaulors_
Secreto by João Paulo Fanfiction
Anahi é uma garota meiga, sonhadora e determinada. Flagrou seu pai traindo sua mãe e foi forçada a guardar segredo, pois não queria ver a sua família destruída. Na tenta...
My Possessive Sexy Doctor (Possessive Series #3) by Keyydot
My Possessive Sexy Doctor (Possess... by Maria Aila ♕ Romance
Maria Aila Dela Paz had no other choice but to ask help from THE Kiel Thaddeus Saldivar, her ex-boyfriend who happened to be a successful and the most-sought after radia...
Hawk Eyes and the Daughter of Poseidon by onepiecelawfan
Hawk Eyes and the Daughter of Pose... by onepiecelawfan Fanfiction
Aya, one of the daughters of Poseidon decides to travel in the world of humans.She is able to control both water and earth due to her father. Her mother is also a Goddes...
T-TRAPPED IN BLACK BUTLER?!? by 0CielPhantomhive0
T-TRAPPED IN BLACK BUTLER?!? by 🌸Ayaki🌸 Fanfiction
Aya Kyou, didn't have the perfect life but it was her's. When things start to look bright, they go to hell. That's when she's taken to another world.
Mad Father x reader by sugasweetjam
Mad Father x reader by Em 🌸 Fanfiction
What happens after the ending? You shall see....
E-girls One-Shots by _SummerMochi_
E-girls One-Shots by ♡たくさん♡ Fanfiction
One-shots between the beautiful girls that make up the Jpop band, E-girls. ♥ Dedicated to @Pikachu9704, since I'm sure she's the only one reading this. :3
Gakuen Alice ~fanfic by Hai_luvv
Gakuen Alice ~fanfic by Hai_luvv Fanfiction
^EDITING SORRY When Aya Keiko is forcefully enrolled in a 'prestigious' school called Gakuen Alice. She finds out she isn't the only one who is a freak. She meets new f...