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Imagine a Utopian world where everything is [pure]. Violence is only heard of in old books. Lying is forbidden. Lives are no longer taken from the public. This is the view of any normal human out in the world, no where near the Government - the Corrupted Court being it's secret nickname - and it's actions. 

Now, imagine a society where any single wrong committed is punishable by death. Where any small threat to society is quickly erased by a group of hit-men and their families are told that they've gone off to live in another city, something considered to be the highest and best opportunity a city dweller can be given. 

My name is Darcy Levone, and I used to be a part of the Corrupted Court - I used to be a hit-woman. This is my story.

AlexaVonDrakkon AlexaVonDrakkon Feb 14, 2011
Is the little girl from The Ruined City? It kind of reminds me of Venice back when it had the two cities. Venice then the city under it which was for the poor...
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jan 31, 2011
@AnnaSpear yeah, I have. I had to for eighth grade, but the whole utopian society idea really stuck. and thank you~! :D
MommyMagic MommyMagic Jan 31, 2011
The little girl- is she a flashback of Darcy as a child?  A memory?
                              Have you ever read The Giver by Lowry?  It's a classic about a utopian society.  Some of your society's elements- such as disposing of unwanted citizens- are similar to his.  That's meant as a compliment.  It's an incredible book.
MommyMagic MommyMagic Jan 31, 2011
Enjoyed this.  Don't have a lot to add to Pandor's comments.  I agree: your descriptions are fantastic.
                              If you have time, give my story a look-over too.  The Gift.  Just click my profile.  Thanks!
- - Jan 30, 2011
                              Ha ha! Yeah, I was thinking about it, and I'm like, well then... That's a bit of a downer. But I can't want to see where you take it. :D
                              D:< Negative x Negative = Positive!
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jan 30, 2011
                              :3 *hugs*
                              It does... I never really thought about it, but they're more pure because they know the truth and they ran away from killing and... Imma shut up now before i spoil the rest. xD
                              I should, but then mr. duda would be all, "How does this relate to math?" he's an idiot. e__e