Amelie Salvatore (TVD-story...)

Amelie Salvatore (TVD-story...)

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Amelie was supposed to be dead. Her brothers are Damon and Stefan Salvatore. 
What happens when they find out she's not? 
Will they be a family again? 
After everything she has done. After everything she finds out her brothers has done? 
And what will she do when she finds out her ex-boyfriend is living here?
... And what will she do when her own Katherine Pierce - love triangle comes to town an both brothers are still in love with her? 

this is a vampire diaries book.
in this book Alaric isn't dead.

Please keep in mind, I was around 14 years old when I wrote this, there are bound to be some mistakes 😅🌼

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Hayley9402 Hayley9402 Nov 02, 2017
Stefan, waist, instead of pink in the bag it can be ends hope this helps
SkylarFerris SkylarFerris Jul 27, 2017
Same!!! Alaric is one of the best. It doesn't feel complete when Damon doesn't have his drinking buddy😭
bvalentine0101 bvalentine0101 Mar 21, 2016
I'm from North America, but my great grandmother is half Indian, and my dad is like a quarter Puerto Rican soo... Does that count.
libroworm1617 libroworm1617 May 21, 2015
great beginning love the suspension you have to wait find stuff out you just don't get told
ConstantlyFalling ConstantlyFalling Sep 15, 2014
Jeg også! I have no idea what that means, I'm American, but I just wanted to join the party