My Soul Is In The Sky (Completed)✔️

My Soul Is In The Sky (Completed)✔️

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A California girl found herself transported into ancient China. She struggled to survive and to deal with poverty, discrimination, and the war between Han and Xiongnu.  In the midst of all, she found love, with two different men.   


   "Who said the romance is dead?" --- Wattpad reader

    "I cried my eyes out. "    ---Wattpad reader

    "This is a masterpiece."  ---Wattpad reader

    "A fascinating read to an adventure into a tumultuous and defining period of Chinese history. Cultural and historical milieus made vivid and imitate through the eyes of a teenage girl."   ----- Amazon reviewer

     "The author weaves and develops Shiaonu's character with these underpinning questions. Shiaonu's irrepressible personality powers her forward through fear, danger, and sorrow. Her kindness and smarts protect her. She touches and enriches so many lives. And yet, when the tsunami of history flows through, she finds her way, something transcends time and space."    --- Amazon Reviewer

      "Based on actual historical events, author of "My Soul is in the Sky" gives a vivid description of the lives of ancient China, from Emperor to Empress, from generals to shop owners, from the Imperial University to nomadic tribes on Mongolia Steppe."         --- Goodread Reviewer

      "I love it!!! Thank you for making a beautiful story and I also learned so much. Your story makes me laugh and I like it so much. "      --- Wattpad reader

     "This story has led me through a series of such emotional rollercoasters that I'm at loss for words. This book has truly been inspirational with a love story that sails through time. "    --- Wattpad reader

      "This is such a beautiful story, and so well written too. Thank you for writing this, I learned so much from it."      ----Wattpad reader

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nahmendessx nahmendessx Aug 31
ah god, i'm so excited ,because is the first history i'm reading in english (i'm brazilian)
OreosOnTheMoon OreosOnTheMoon 6 days ago
Okay. She is so me. I lived in Thailand for like a few years and I just moved to the US recently and everything is so different here. I miss my grandparents, I have no friends and I had an anxiety attack bc I was in the wrong class for a whole period.
victorim2 victorim2 Aug 24
I should probably start running...or some sort of exercise
                              Btw this book already has me hooked
taratawa taratawa Aug 29
wow well I'd stay there on the cliff and sleep lol (Sunset CLiff sounds like a lovely place)
Mi-chan3005 Mi-chan3005 Sep 11
I wished classical Chinese would be that similar in real life :(
Wow at night?? They dont have electricity back then...if its not full moon you probably cant see where you're going.