The Village Of Snow And Blood (Naruto Fan-Fic/Gaara Love Story)

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Sam By VampiresEatNinjas Updated 2 years ago
Kuro Chi-Usagi did'nt have anybody,
    No One.
    She once had a Best Friend And A Brother Who She Loved Dearly.As Kuro Went On Her Trip To A Village With Her Brother For 3 Weeks Its Goes Terribly Wrong.The Whole Village Massacered,,,
    Including Your Beloved Brother And Her Said To Be Murdered Best Friend..Angered By The Loss ,She Transforms.But she doesn't into what.She never knew of her family nor her village.She was only 5.5 years Later Kuro winds up at the leaf village.Nobody Knows What she been doing the last 5 years or were she was,Now living with Ibiki Moreno.She Struggles To Face Her Current Life Challenge.Who Killed Her Brother?What Happened To Her Best Friend?Whats In Side Of Her?
Awwwwwww but I laigh so hard because Kuro wants to have a long tongue LOL and Gaara is supporting her.
Aww! It's so cute! You should upload soon! Plz, it's really good! Too bad I can't lick my
i've licked my elbow before but sadly i couldn't do it again *sigh* if only i had orochimaru's tounge, orochimaru is one of my favs becuz of his tounge ^-^
>.< really a longer tounge that is sold in stores???? Wow can I have one its also been a dream of mine to beable to lick my elbow.......... Yupp always!!! ^-^
love this! please upload soon! :D oh, and can i just say Kurai is really fit?;)
PLEASE UPLOAD SOON! cliff hangers are the worst thing since...argh i don't know what but they are the worst!!!!