PUNK meets PERFECT  (Michael Clifford)

PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

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PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

''He was working at the record shop , I would kiss him in the parking lot
Tasting like cigarettes and soda pop
He would tell me I was beautiful ,Sneaking in the neighbor's swimming pool
Yeah, he taught me how to break the rules....'' - Brooklyn Rivera

What happens with punk meets perfect?

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this part reminds me of the first episode of merlin where arthurs all like ‘you cant address me like that’ and merlins like ‘oh sorry how long have you been training to be a prat my lord’
people wear what they want if people can wear nothing but plasters over their nipples then i can wear ripped jeans and band shirts if people wear everything pink and not get judged so be it aslong as people get tk wear a grey cardigan and ‘ancient’ sandals and bot get judged
MarieJatta6 MarieJatta6 Feb 28
if i met her in real life she sounds like the kinda girl i would fight ngl
michael5muffin michael5muffin Nov 19, 2017
I was gonna say something but I cant because I drive a Bentley but my step dad got it me to buy my love but still cant help feeling like a snob sometimes
what are detention slips it sounds like an invitation to detention. does the school have students who just like to wonder in detention so much they have to have vip tickets or something
SecretAgent-Fangirl SecretAgent-Fangirl Dec 12, 2017
Ok I have a question is this set in the us or Australia cause if it’s set in aus she wouldn’t be able to drive yet (without a fully licensed person in the passenger seat) and she’d be wearing a uniform.  Not trying to be rude just curious :)