PUNK meets PERFECT  (Michael Clifford)

PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

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PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

''He was working at the record shop , I would kiss him in the parking lot
Tasting like cigarettes and soda pop
He would tell me I was beautiful ,Sneaking in the neighbor's swimming pool
Yeah, he taught me how to break the rules....'' - Brooklyn Rivera

What happens with punk meets perfect?

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I'm not joking I was just in pe and I left with a sore ankle and knee . I didn't even run
I love this teacher just because he’s treating her the way she deserves.
michael5muffin michael5muffin 3 days ago
Straight B's although I'm gym straight A's I'm that kid where that's the only class I do well in
When you love a writer who can make you hate a character. There better be some damn good character development in this story to make her less of bitch.
I mean, I'm a sophomore in uni, ugly, barely any friends, mid class, tries to play football (soccer or whetever you call it) but sucks at it, and single AF. What more could you want?
I've been reading this for like 5 mins and I already hate her