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PUNK meets PERFECT  (Michael Clifford)

PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

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S By Some5sosfanfic Updated Sep 02, 2015

PUNK meets PERFECT (Michael Clifford)

''He was working at the record shop , I would kiss him in the parking lot
Tasting like cigarettes and soda pop
He would tell me I was beautiful ,Sneaking in the neighbor's swimming pool
Yeah, he taught me how to break the rules....'' - Brooklyn Rivera

What happens with punk meets perfect?

suckmysalvatoe suckmysalvatoe 5 days ago
Y'all so triggered she was obviously written this way for character development lmao
ari25768 ari25768 Jan 17
Honestly i hate teachers like this. They are seriously so annoying and i love it when students tell them off
THEalyssamh THEalyssamh Jan 05
I thought it said they walked into school together licking hands
The cheerleaders at my school
                              Are so flipping annoying they do their cheers In the freakin hallway like BISH THE DOOR
THEalyssamh THEalyssamh Jan 05
Why can't she park her car anywhere like the rest of the students
THEalyssamh THEalyssamh Jan 05
Wow how "stereotypical" for a cheerleader. Why can't she be a cheerleader who eats the entire freaking cafeteria for lunch and washes it all down with diet soda or something