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Amber Pfleiderer By ampfleiderer Updated Jan 08, 2013

Bittersweet is a tale of war, of love gone wrong - a story of overcoming the odds and finding peace within chaos.

Meet Persephone Nightingale. She is an Icari, a race shrouded in mystery. She's sweet, kind, loving and innocent. She's been in love with Aleksandre for longer than she can remember. The catch? He's an Abel - a family which is the enemy of her own.  They've loved each other since they were children, yet they've never been able to be together. Persephone swore when she was younger that she would move on and try to forget all about Aleksandre, for she knew there would never be any way for them to unite. The enmity between their families seems too great to overcome. It only seems to have grown over the centuries, their hostility toward one another bubbling just under the surface. Sweet Persephone and her forbidden love are caught in the middle, unable to be together yet unable to convince their hearts to love any other.

One act of violence leads to the another in the name of vengeance, planting the seeds of hate and loathing within Persephone. One night creates a maelstrom of emotions within both Persephone and Aleksandre, ensuring that though they don't know it at the time – their lives would forever be intertwined.

What happens when Persephone and Aleksandre find themselves the victims of their respective family's leaders' plans and machinations? Forced to marry one another, or risk a new war between their families.  Will Persephone find it within herself to forgive Aleksandre for what was done? Can Aleksandre admit his love for Persephone and make her love him once again, after all he did?

Can they find it within themselves to move on from the past and build a brighter future with one another? Or will the curse of their families drag them down and put an end to their love before it can ever truly begin?