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Duncan Book 1: Dark Warrior

Duncan Book 1: Dark Warrior

900 Reads 26 Votes 11 Part Story
Isreal Wierichs By LyingToStopThePain Completed

A demon is put in a school full of humans, and scents that drive him made with thirst, and hunger. But he dosnt want to be like his father or brother. So he is faced with the torture everyday. Thats the least of his worries, when his brother begins showing up unexpectenty, as well as his dad, and mother. Somethings going on. And he will find out sooner or later...soon more than later. Meanwhile, school troubles start, his bestfriend has started somthing thats going around the school, and a girl with a determinated look in her eyes, to have him for her own.

LyingToStopThePain LyingToStopThePain Jan 21, 2011
Ok. Pplz this is me. hahahhaha sorry I had to say that. But I misspelled some on the word that Dustin said purposely.  He has a heavy british accent. So if you  got some suggestions then plz tell me them. I will take them all into consideration.