Notes To Daddy

Notes To Daddy

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GlaciaGirl By GlaciaGirl Updated Oct 29, 2016

Hi, I'm Sarah and well...I'm fatherless. My dad died in a car crash when I was young and being a Daddy's girl, I never completely got over it. 

When Daddy was alive, we would write secret notes to each other every night. I would leave a special note on his lunchbox and he would leave one taped to my door. We had the best time with it. But in just one day, everything changed.

My Daddy was gone.

Now I have to learn to go on without my Daddy beside me. 

And it's hard.

Really hard.

The only way I get through each day is writing a note to Daddy and laying it on his grave. I just hope and pray that he reads it. If he does, then he will know why I cry myself to sleep every night, calling out his name quietly.

All I want is a note in return to tell me he loves me and everything will be alright.

But I know I won't get a note.

And that breaks me.


Don't expect this book to be super long. It's just kinda a filler. It might be 15 to 20 chapters.