A Fox Among Wolves

A Fox Among Wolves

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Malena By forever-evermore Completed

Thirty years in the future, the human race is extinct, and all that is left is hybrids. Wanting to control the population, the government chooses a mate for every hybrid during their last year of high school. They are expected to go along with everything the government tells them, never questioning the world around them. 

Henley Brooks and Braeden Xanders are completely different, seeing as one is a half fox and the other is half wolf. When paired together, they face many challenges, but somehow grow to like each other. Not everything is what it seems, though, when secrets are revealed. They must learn to trust each other in order to face the dangerous future ahead of them. 

Thank you @brookemcx for the amazing cover!

  • action
  • boyxboy
  • disease
  • dystopia
  • fox
  • gay
  • humor
  • hybrid
  • lgbt
  • mates
  • mpreg
  • wolf
Part-time-ghoul Part-time-ghoul Mar 14, 2017
First off, I love your name XD.  Second, this is definitely my cup of tea (not so suddle wink wink)
chocolatechip130 chocolatechip130 Jul 06, 2017
What year was it ah yes it was since 2016 and we're still waiting on that apocalypse and/or meteor to destroy us all
SlimShady2004 SlimShady2004 Mar 23, 2017
I really enjoy this book so far but Africa is a continent not a country so when you are righting please don't use it in the way it sounds like a country
Master_eve Master_eve Nov 23, 2017
🤧🤧🤧🤧 lennie whyyyyyyy he was so young y'all act like Curley's wife wasn't wildin my baby ain't deserve that
Dogglet7 Dogglet7 Jul 03, 2017
Hum, makes me wonder, are all males able to have kids or just some of them? And what about a two female couple?
-ultragay -ultragay Apr 19, 2017
person 1: knock knock. 
                              person 2: who's ther—
                              person 1: yOU KNOCKED UP BITCHHH !!