Diana (One Direction)

Diana (One Direction)

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Diana Emily Benson. 

Everybody at school thought her life was perfect. She was the captain of the cheerleaders. She had the best singing voice. But she was a different type of popular girl. She was loving cheerful and very helpful. Those who envyed her decided they should make her feel horrible about herself. She has been suicidal since age 12

Her parents decide to get in divorce.

She heard her mum and dad call her worthless so many times but she still loves them. When she runs into one of the most famous people in the world what will happen?

Will they swoop in and save her right before she makes the fateful choice to end her life or not?

Will they keep their promises or ruin their trust with her?

Will she be hopelessly in love or will they all fall for her?

Will her walls be built back up and repaired or will her world come crumbling down?

Will this 17 year old survive with five idiots that might save her life?

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niallsdicko niallsdicko Nov 22, 2017
Omg this is so sad, with the mental health issues which he had in 1D it kills me 😭
NerdFangirl02 NerdFangirl02 Feb 05, 2017
How is she saving their lives? They don't know each other...
justalittlebasic justalittlebasic Jul 05, 2016
And this is such a good book already. This is the best idea omf
bittersweetanxiety bittersweetanxiety Aug 03, 2016
" Wish we cøuld turn back time, tø the gøød øl' days. When Zayn was in Øne Directiøn, but nøw he's gone"
Forever_Young1026 Forever_Young1026 Sep 16, 2016
I want to go and how did she meet Liam right outside her door thats just creepy man or she must be dreaming.
pashtonbby pashtonbby Jul 03, 2016
Hi, i was just wondering if you would check out my story, it's my first one and I've just started writing it, if not no worries! Thank you! :)