Adopted by One Direction(Editing)

Adopted by One Direction(Editing)

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This is not the same story that starts with a girl who's been abused or been in an orphanage for her entire life. No,this is the story of how a girl who had a happy life ended up on a big world of drama and fame.

Samantha was a normal girl. She had a really bad past but lived with her step mom Lucy. She loved Lucy like her own mom, but what she didn't know was that her mom was One Direction's body guard. That was until she invited them to spend the summer over their house. Samantha hates One Direction but through the time, she learns to love them. One day her mom dies on a car crash and that's when she gets adopted by One Direction.

What happens when there's secrets between all of them? Hertbreaking news? Fights? She never wanted too much drama in her life.......there's a secret that the boys are keeping from her. She saved them from doing the biggest mistake of their lifes which was..............
read to find out!

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