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Mute » 1D

Mute » 1D

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Sammi By fivesuave Completed

Kashine Douglas is normal. Well, almost normal. She's mute. People bully her in school because of it, and her life seems like a living hell. The only thing that allows her to escape is YouTube. She posts videos of singers dancing along to their songs. Her videos are very popular, and she's becoming a rising star. Then One Direction calls to let her know she is their new choreographer. Terrified, Kashine accepts. How will the boys cope with her silence? Will they be able to help her? Or will Kashine stay mute forever?

***PLEASE READ: This is very carrot-y since I wrote it years ago, and I hardly knew anything about mute conditions. Please remember that it's fan-FICTION and should not be taken literally. Thank you for understanding. :) ***

When I was little my diary was pieces of Paper with the most random crap...I'm going to be 18 in 4,5 days diary is my head cussing out everyone...and twitter...instagram...low key Facebook...etc. yuh know?...
nopleasestop nopleasestop Sep 13, 2016
Theres over 1000 native american languages, counting the dead ones lol.
Delusional0 Delusional0 Sep 25, 2016
how can she be angry about her looks gurl i look like a troll compared 2 u😂😂😂😂
My parents had to play Def Leppard full blast when I was a baby so that I would go to sleep.... If they ever turned it off for them to go to sleep, I would wake up and cry my head off!!! :)
kanye4pres2020 kanye4pres2020 Jul 07, 2016
EMINEM - "you're too old let go, no body listens to techno!" Am I literally the only one I love eminem
Forever_The_Lost_One Forever_The_Lost_One Nov 09, 2016
I WISH I had blond almost white hair and blue eyes but sadly I'm stuck with brown hair and hazel eyes but I'm still pail AF 😂😂😍