The Alphas Abused Mate

The Alphas Abused Mate

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khloe2346 By khloe2346 Updated Jun 21, 2015

His abused mate 

Kelli Clerck is a sweet girl. good grades. always does what she is told. But for the last seven years of her life she has been mentally, and physically abused. Her father always cared for her brother who got kidnapped at a very young age and he went crazy leaving her to a abusive adoptive father.Her mother.. who knows where she is.  

So who can save her now?

Kelli has long silly black hair and bright green eyes.17 years old. She is a hybrid, wolf and angel. 

Gabe Curk is a bad boy,the alpha of the Dawn pack. Though is bad boy status he is no player. He has spent two year looking for his mate and is starting to give up hope. 

But when he meets the new she wolf in town will his wish come true?

What is she hiding?

Will he find out before its to late?

- - Jul 13, 2015
I can  feel it.*rubs 8 ball." I don't know, it said ask again later sorry not sorry I have no patience *throws 8 ball into a window.*
- - Jul 13, 2015
A pound of weed, it's in the glove compartment. Don't tell anyone though, she'd strangle me, and take me to the depths of hell and back.
- - Jul 13, 2015
"WE'RE GOING TO THERAPY, HONEY. YOU NEED HELP. WE NEED HELP. " "I don't need your help" crab walks onto the wall and disappears in the oblivion
- - Jul 13, 2015
"Your hair is so silly! " "maaaaa, you know I'm sensitive *teehee* , stop being a BÏTCH *manly voice.*"
- - Jul 13, 2015
I don't knowwwwww, she cannot save herself? That'd be a plot twist.
mariebluelegs mariebluelegs May 22, 2015
what is the name of the song? It won't play or show the name of it. All it says is five finger death punch.