Possessed: book 1 {COMPLETE}

Possessed: book 1 {COMPLETE}

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Cora & Cassy By mlbshadowhunter Completed

Alya, Nino, Adrien, and Marinette have a sleepover that they will remember for a lifetime. Alya brings an Ouija board and the decide to use it.

Suddenly, Marinette's eyes are changing from blue to horrifying black, and she seems to have a terrible head ache. There is a black aura around her and Alya, Nino, and Adrien thinks something is wrong with her.

What happened to Marinette? Can they get her back to her old self?

Harmless my a$$. Don't y'all know that people are possessed by that game all the time???
Nice use age of the Ouija board. This never happened before so it gives me so many questions.
                              WHAT GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?!?!
RoboS_Anime RoboS_Anime Oct 15, 2016
The funny thing is that i watched a video of the game and it was interesting!
"harmless game of summoning a spirit" bich ive watched enough shitt to know its never harmless
Lovestrong0616 Lovestrong0616 Oct 28, 2016
I really shouldn't be reading this at night...
                              Oh well! If I get nightmares who cares?
Chrystal_Lover16134 Chrystal_Lover16134 Nov 04, 2016
Well first the demo on is my friend I'm friend with all the demons and yet don't mention me anyways I wonder who although here comes the twist
                              By a true love kiss
                              THIS DEMON IS AN ADRINETTE LOVER