My Chemistry Partner ✔️

My Chemistry Partner ✔️

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Axel Black is an intelligent student, a beast on the football field, and he is rich. His aggravated demeanor is alarming to most, but most everyone finds a way to still love him.
  Lacey Washington has gone to school with Axel since middle school, but she has never spoken a word to him, intentionally. They are both starting their second year of college at their local university, and like it or not, they will be getting to know each other this year.  
  They are Chemistry Partners.
  Started: 8/12/16
  Completed: 4/12/17

Highest ranking: #1 in Chicklit 5/2/2017



Lol my mom loves Macy's she shops there all the time... lol I'll leave now
Maybe we can call the story a my chemical romance if you get what I mean
Awwww idk buto find that cute HE IS GONNA HELP PEOPLE well of he wants to that just gonna make it 107209× more adorable
Your story it's so good!!, you should search the way to translate it to spanish:(
tinabollard tinabollard 2 days ago
I can never understand how people don't realize they said something at loud but then again it never happened to me so I wouldn't know
Mekdinaa Mekdinaa a day ago
Bitch makes some good calls...
                              ...and got some serious balls..