Love That Lay in Ruins

Love That Lay in Ruins

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Arpita Biswas By ArpitaBiswas0 Updated Nov 19

It all started when they humiliated the one sired by Fire itself. When one is blinded by an insane lust of an infernal nature, particularly one pertaining to power, all his merits stand nullified, and emasculated in such vicious intoxication. This the story of one such intoxication, and the cumulative of consequences, and causes that led to such a carnage which stood to define mankind and its nature through generations.


The Mahabharata is one of the two chiefest epics in Indian Mythology. With its assimilation of a variety of storylines resulting in one common consequence, which is the battle of Kurukshetra, it mainly derives the chief cause of its consequence from the vicious rivalry between the Kuru cousins, The Pandavas, and The Kauravas.  This story begins after the eldest Pandava, Yudhishthir, who had been given a piece of land, that was supposedly pestilent, gains his suzerainty over the Land of Bharata (thence also called, Aryavarta), owing to the combined labour, and perseverance of the Pandavas, and their common wife, Draupadi. Their eldest cousin, Duryodhan, infuriated by their prosperity, causes himself to be put in a state of humiliation at Yudhishthir's coronation. Angered further, he vows revenge, by humiliation in an equal measure. As events unfold, towards their ultimate fate, this story revolves around the backdrop of the relationship between the eldest Kaurava, and his wife Bhanumati, who remains a sufferer and spectator, despite being faultless.

@ArpitaBiswas0 I am too. I just wrote a story on Krishna/Satyabhama. Do read it when you can :) I write a lot of myth as well :)
Awesome start, loved the way you took something so unique and turned it into a story!
Vimboxx Vimboxx Aug 17
i like Bhanumathi. she seems like a strong character who wants to know what is happening around her. good start!:)
Oh my you read it!!!!! *backflips through the milky way* !!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! ♡♡♡
saramic saramic Aug 16
Bhanumathi is perceptive, not as naive as Duryodhana thinks.
dint know about Bhanumoti that much. Glad I found this piece :) This is great :)