Silent (Tyvan/Catnoss) [Book 1]

Silent (Tyvan/Catnoss) [Book 1]

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Shipping_Trash23. Where sinning makes people happy(TM) By Shipping_Trash23 Updated Nov 06

'He used to be so lively.' 
'Why isn't he talking?' 

That, plus countless of other things, are what Evan's friends think after their friend returns from a trip home. 

'We need to help him.' 

But only one friend truly cares about what happened to Evan.

Not his best friend, Jon, but his good old bro-


'What happened?'
'Are you a mute now, Evan?' 
...but silence. 

Note: This is not a horror story. May be triggering!

General_GS General_GS Sep 13
I always seem to find the sad stories and I always seem to fall victim to wanting to see more of the story.  I WANTD MORE!!!