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BangLyz Song Inspired Oneshots and Drabbles!

BangLyz Song Inspired Oneshots and Drabbles!

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ILovePikachu02 By ILovePikachu02 Updated Jun 16

A fanfic dedicated to BTS and Lovelyz one shots and drabbles that will hopefully entertain you and make you fall in love with BangLyz even more! 
  The Banglyz couples that you will get to read about are.......
  -2Jin(Seokjin(Jin) and Myungeun(Jin))
  -RapSoul(Namjoon(Rap Monster) and Soojung (Baby Soul))
  -MiHope(Hoseok(J-Hope) and Mijoo)
  -KeiMin(Jimin and Jiyeon(Kei))
  -YeinKook(Jungkook and Yein)
  -TaeJeong(Taehyung(V) and Sujeong)
  -SugAe(Yoongi(Suga) and Jiae)
  If there is any request that anyone has then please please please comment down the request! 
  Comment the....
  -Couple (Only the 7 couples I have mentioned above!)
  -Song (E.G. Please write the song name you would like the chapter to be based on)
  And any other information on the couple's story will be really helpful so thank you all for reading 
I will try my best to write all the chapters in the best way I can! 
DO NOT PLAGIARIZE: Plagiarism is a Crime so please don't copy.Something like this published before me is a complete COINCIDENCE, I got all of my ideas from my imagination.

I love Jeongin and Taejeong the most. And I lowkey ship Sugae, Mihope and Keimin.
MeanestDoll MeanestDoll Aug 09, 2016
Kyeopta! Haha! Those cuties are doing it (oops? haha) anyway can you make a Jisoo x Yoongi, Kei x V, and Mijoo x Jimin then Ofc Yein x Jungkook ???
magnaegihyun magnaegihyun Aug 12, 2016
Why did taejeong call when they're up to do that😒 That song is my favorite too, well my fav is all banglyz couple except 2jin, because i ship myungeun with youngjae, and jin with myself😂
Btslovelyz4ever Btslovelyz4ever Sep 06, 2016
My favorite pairing of banglyz? Cant decide 😂😂 all of the pairing are nice man... Btw this chapter is making me blushing like crazy OMO 😍😳
secretdreamer25 secretdreamer25 Aug 16, 2016
ryuveniy ryuveniy Sep 16, 2016
Omo why i find this oneshot so cute xD haha author-nim ure jajangg. I just thought it would be plain shot as another instead of this keke omo i could help but love it. And ma fav shipper is taejeong hehw