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I Beg You | BTS Jimin [Completed]

I Beg You | BTS Jimin [Completed]

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penapple tae® By bumble_bts Completed

This is JIMIN's imagine. Thanks for reading! Also, this is my FIRST EVER long fic so pls bear with the lack of smoothness and good quality storyline LOL


"I swear I only have my eyes on you" - Taehyung.

"Forget about that guy. You have me" - Jimin.

"No. She's with Jiminnie. I can't betray him" - Taemin (V).


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Huge thanks to @peachblossom98 for correcting the Korean phrases used in this book. Do checkout her books :)


OMG, I can't believe this story finally have a rank after being finished in exactly 2 months ago. Thank you, my pretty little things~ xx

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seftlock seftlock Jul 01
he aint lying tho wow he's so honest #boyfriendmaterial LMAO jk cmon tae sugar coat it
Dannyrice34 Dannyrice34 a day ago
Boi be grateful that they thought of your love life and let you get married to a sexy man who is in college and actually knows and care about you rather than a stranger who's old
seftlock seftlock Jul 01
that's so cute omg "round" I love this
                              but then later on imma hate this bitch
BTSJiTaek BTSJiTaek Jun 23
When you really love him as a brother & happened this...
                               Just imagine.. 
                              My reaction would be the same
Dannyrice34 Dannyrice34 a day ago
This is not me? Boi if my mom did this you best to believe I'm about to jump out of a window and do a backflip out of joy. Forget that  she about to become a grandmother
elenarayane elenarayane Jul 08
I legit thought it was their weddin day at the beginnin and i have no f**in idea wHy 😑