My Brothers Frenemy Natsu X Reader

My Brothers Frenemy Natsu X Reader

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FairyTailFreaks13 By FairyTailFreaks13 Completed

YN has come home from a three year S-class. her brother is Gray so it's only natural for Y/N to hate Natsu right? What happens when Y/N falls for her brothers frenemy?

Hello future readers I just wanted to say that I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the pictures I hope you enjoy the book bye!!

Currently editing!!

Zhayene Zhayene Jul 01
Ahaha... that reminds me of Cory from Dude Perfect 😂😂😂
                              Or else I will eat all your food.!!!!
                              Never mind I just did
Yup that's how I am all the time when someone WAKES me up from my bootiful booty sleep
Who? - jumps off cliff because I have no idea who is Dan and Phil -
iluvlolz iluvlolz Jun 28
That's my moms name "IS THERE SOMETHING YOUR NOT TELLING ME MOM!!!!?!?????!!!"
I sware that it's not a black girl thing but every time when I glare at some one and I'm actually mad it is kinda scarier than Erza's glare