Only Time Will Tell | Natsu x Reader

Only Time Will Tell | Natsu x Reader

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Simply, awkward. By Simply-Awkward Completed

(Name is now Simply Awkward, NOT Astral Dream)

You are Y/N Fullbuster. You may noticed the 'Fullbuster' part, No you're not married to Gray, you're his sister. Not bad at all it seems? Well not if you weren't in love with a certain guy, Natsu Dragneel.

That's the least of your worries, having your parents dead when you were young. And you got separated with Gray, and you met your childhood friend Lucy, and with fate seemingly against you, you get separated with her as well.

Then a freak from your childhood comes back to kill you, just for the cherry on the top of your horrid luck.

It isn't all bad, you do reunite with  everyone, and fight against the new danger.

Disclaimer: I own NONE of the stuff I use all go to respective owners, just the plot. Unless I directly say this is my art, it isn't mine.

Also I sadly do not own Fairy Tail... 

Also I'm fairly sure I don't own you.

( ^∇^) Thanks for reading!

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Why do I have a feeling that it's going to be Natsu's scarf?
_purplephoenix_ _purplephoenix_ Dec 24, 2017
IM NOT JUVIA PEOPLE!!!! IM INNOCENT!!! I FON’T STALK PEOPLE!!! *raises hands to surrender*
LolaAsh5 LolaAsh5 Feb 24
                              I spent 5 HOURS ON THAT AND YOU DONT WEAR IT?!?!?!? BOI
I feel that tears are a sign of weakness too, the only time I cry is when it's empathy tears but I hardly cry because of pain
NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Dec 19, 2016
I'm pretty sure silver didn't have magic back then... and he would not have water magic,  and are you forgetting Ur?
NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Dec 19, 2016
I'm sorry to poit it out... but I get so triggered when someone uses th en wrong grammar,  sorry buy it's "you and Heather WERE" sorry...